Erica Friedman Interviewed by

Erica Friedman, founder of Yuricon, interviewed on

Erica Friedman, president of Yuricon and ALC Publishing, was interviewed by Suzanne Corson, a contributing writer at the popular lesbian culture website.

Friedman founded Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga in 2000, and ALC Publishing, North America's only of 100% yuri publisher in 2003. In 2005, she co-chaired Yuricon in Tokyo, and Onna! which took place in October in Newark, NJ. In 2004, ALC Publishing printed the first volume of "Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko", an illustrated novel, penned by Friedman and illustrated by Kelli Nicely. In the article Friedman discusses the History of Yuricon and ALC Publishing and Yuricon's upcoming event the 2007 "Yurisai" event.

To learn more about Yuricon or ALC Publishing, or to register for the 2007 event, please visit or email was launched in April 2002 to raise awareness and to contribute to the dialogue about lesbian and bisexual visibility in entertainment and the media through interviews, commentary, and reviews.