topJapanese fansite Takahiro no Kenkyuukan recently published a report that inspects the readership data released by Ichijinsha of their magazine for potential advertisers.

The graphs show the ratio of gender and the age group of readers, as well as the difference of readers for each magazine. The data is interesting because such data isn't usually published. After some inspection, some facts were found that were both expected and unexpected.

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Japanese fansite Takahiro no Kenkyuukan reports that recently Ichijinsha has released readership data of their magazine for potential advertisers. Canned Dogs has a summary of the data in English.

The June 2008 issue of Ichijinsha's Comic Yurihime magazine will officially announce the titles of girl's light novels that will be published under Ichijinsha's new light novel label, Ichijinsha Bunko. LightNovel.org has a list of the titles in English.

Source: 2ch

Canned Dogs reports that the manga Kare to kanojo no kyoukaisen, which is currently serialized in Ichijinsha's Comic REX, ended unexpectedly due to the death of its mangaka, Yorishiro Tomoyuki:

The latest issue of Comic REX has revealed the saddening news that author Yorishiro Tomoyuki who had just started serialisation on Comic REX has passed away unexpectedly while he was working the 3rd chapter of his manga Kare to kanojo no kyoukaisen.

Ichijinsha has announced that it will launch a new light novel label called "Ichijinsha Bunko" on May 20th, 2008. The lineup of light novels to be released under this label will be composed of "boy's" light novels and "girl's" light novels.

Source: LightNovel.org

Manga publisher Ichijinsha will launch a new 4-koma (4-panel) manga magazine titled Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette Lite, a sister publication to Ichijinsha's other 4-koma magazine, Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette. The new magazine will be published on a monthly basis, with the first issue scheduled to be released on March 1st, 2008.

Source: Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette's editorial blog

topA manga adaptation of Atlus' game Etrian Odyssey II (??????????????????II ) (also known as Sekaiju no Meikyuu or Yggdrasil Labyrinth) by FLIPFLOPs will begin serialization in the March issue of Ichijinsha's Comic REX, on sale 2/9. Also starting in the same issue is a new manga titled Eru-Eru Sister (???????????????????????????) by Yokoshima Takemaru.

Last but not least, an important announcement will be made regarding Takenashi Eri's Kannagi (????????????). According to Moon Phase, it will be news of Kannagi's anime adaptation.

Kenjirou Takeshita (mangaka of Cocoon and Happy World!) will start a new manga titled Tsuriya Nagare (????????? ?????????) in Akita Shoten's Weekly Shonen Champion No.6 (1/10).

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topIchijinsha's Comic Yurihime, a successor publication to Sun Magazine's Yuri Shimai, has always been an "add-on" magazine to Ichijinsha's own ZERO-SUM.

Starting with Comic Yurihime Vol.11, onsale 1/18, Comic Yurihime will finally become its own magazine.

To celebrate, Comic Yurihime's editorial department has planned various treats. Aside from special covers and a "Petit Yurihime" booklet that will come with Comic Yurihime Vol.11, there will also be special collaboration series between Comic Yurihime, Comic Yurihime S and Yurihime Wildrose.

Source: Akiba Blog

According to Ichijinsha, the seasonal manga magazine WARD will become a bi-monthly magazine starting with the 2007 Winter issue (Vol.19).

Ichijinsha, publisher of the yuri manga magazine Comic Yurihime, has included a ecchi/yuri manga titled Yurihime Wildrose with the latest issue of Comic Yurihime. A brief preview of the manga from Akiba Blog can be seen here.

Source: Heisei Democracy