Infinity Studios, LLC Licenses MediaWork's Iono-sama Fanatics

RICHMOND, CA ­ March 5, 2007 ­ Infinity Studios, LLC announced today that it has entered into an agreement to license acclaimed artist Miyabi Fujieda's highly acclaimed yuri manga IONO-SAMA FANATICS Vol. 1 (ISBN:978-1-59697-015-1) from Mediaworks. Miyabi Fujieda is a highly popular and recognized manga artist who has created numerous hit titles in Japan including NOVA, ALICE QUARTET, KOTONOHA NO MIKO TO KOTODAMA NO MAIO TO and has also been a guest artist for a few chapters in the extremely popular manga hit DI GI CHARAT. More information can be found on the company's website at

"This is our biggest title of the year and we are proud to bring such a fantastic title to U.S. manga fans", states, Infinity Studios, LLC President and CEO, Jay Chung. IONO-SAMA FANATICS Vol. 1 (MSRP: $10.95; Rated: 13+) is 220 beautiful pages (with added bonuses of 4 FULL COLOR pages, Dust Jacket, bonus 4-koma comics and bonus inside cover) of manga bliss, a MUST read and will be available exclusively for purchase in early May on the Infinity Studios, LLC's official IONO-SAMA FANATICS page

Volume Synopsis: Imagine this, once upon a time, there was a ruler of a small Kingdom who was burdened with the task of running the Kingdom at an early age. This ruler was the ideal monarch and a natural leader. This ruler's only fault, if you can call it that, was having a fetish for women with long, straight and luxuriously luscious black hair. Now take that storyline and imagine that the setting is the present and the ruler is a young beautiful Queen. Welcome to the party! You have just entered the world of IONO-SAMA FANATICS! Loose yourself in a world of dazzling women as a Queen sets out to add gorgeous women with long, straight and luxurious black hair to her collection of lady escorts! With guns, swords, cars,politics, beauty pageants and exotic women-there is NO WAY you can lose!

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