Madeleine Rosca, runner-up in Japan's first International Manga Awards, has posted Part 1 of her International Manga Award trip to Japan:

We were visiting Kodansha - who have published Akira, Air Gear, Negima and a whole lot more of my favourites - and a combination of the food and the extreme heat and humidity was just hitting me so badly...within ten short minutes of meeting the editors, I realised I would have to leave, or risk the embarrassment of being sick on Kodansha's nicely polished floor.

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topThe 11th Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award Ceremony was held on June 6th. During the award ceremony, each winning mangaka talked about their thoughts, feelings and future plans. In Japan, the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award has become one of the most prestigious manga award in the industry.

The Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award is one of the most prestigious manga award in Japan. The award, named after Osamu Tezuka, was established by Asahi Shimbun in 1997.

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(LOS ANGELES, July 6, 2007) – Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce that Hollow Fields creator Madeleine Rosca is one of four winners presented with Japan's first ever International Manga Award. A total of 146 works from 25 countries were submitted and Rosca, a 26-year-old former librarian from Tasmania, Australia, was one of four winners, and the only westerner, to be flown to Japan to receive her award.

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topThe result of the first Internation Manga Award was announced on June 29th. The winner is Lee Chi Ching, a 43-year-old artist from Hong Kong.

Lee Chi Ching's winning work, Sun Tzu's Tactics (Known as The Art of War in China - Chinese Title: 孫子兵法; JP title: 孫子攻略), is a historic series that portrays the life of the famous Chinese military strategist.

The three runners-up went to Kai from Hong Kong, Malaysia's Benny Wong Thong Hou and Madeleine Rosca from Australia.

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Japanese otaku/doujin shop Toranoana has released the results of its 1st Golden Tiger Award. The Golden Tiger Award is a manga and novel award voted by 127 editors and 90 Toranoana employees. A total of 481 works released between January 2006 - December 2006 were able to enter.

The winner of the grand "Golden Tiger" award went to Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba&!, which received the highest points from votes and sales combined.

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The nominees for the 2007 Harvey Award are out. Two manga appeared under the "Best American Edition of Foreign Material" category: Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Ode to Kirihito.

Ode to Kirihito is also the only manga nominated for the 2007 Quills Awards under the Graphic Novels category.

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Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Aso announced on Tuesday the creation of a "Nobel Prize of Manga" for foreign manga comic artists in hopes of spreading Japan's pop culture overseas.

Candidates for the new international manga award will be nominated by the general public as well as publishers from Japan and overseas:

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According to Comic Book Resources, Hiroaki Samura's samurai manga Blade of the Immortal is the winner of the 2007 Eagle Awards's "Favourite Manga" category.

The winners of the 36th Japanese Cartoonists' Association Award (Nihon Mangaka Kyokai Awards) have been announced:

Grand Prize

- The Divine Comedy by Nobuhisa Nozoe (illustration); Kazuhiro Iwata (adaptation); Kyojin Onishi (story) [ Gentosha ]

Reason: To honor the 10 years it took to complete the story. The work leaves the same impression to those from the army and young people who don't know anything about war. The manga's adventure-filled plot and overflowing expression had a large impact on the manga field.

- Tama-chan and Chibi-maru by Shigehisa Sunagawa [ Hoshinowa ]

Reason: Ever since the story was serialized in the newspaper, I laugh whenever cat appears in the story. This time Sunagawa created a story about cats.

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The winners of the 11th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun) have been announced:

Grand Prize:

Shinsei (New Hope) Award:

  • The Divine Comedy by Nobuhisa Nozoe (illustration); Kazuhiro Iwata (adaptation); Kyojin Onishi (story)

Short Manga Prize:

  • Osaka Hamlet by Hiromi Morishita

Special Award:

  • None

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