36th Japanese Cartoonists' Association Award Winner Announced

The winners of the 36th Japanese Cartoonists' Association Award (Nihon Mangaka Kyokai Awards) have been announced:

Grand Prize

- The Divine Comedy by Nobuhisa Nozoe (illustration); Kazuhiro Iwata (adaptation); Kyojin Onishi (story) [ Gentosha ]

Reason: To honor the 10 years it took to complete the story. The work leaves the same impression to those from the army and young people who don't know anything about war. The manga's adventure-filled plot and overflowing expression had a large impact on the manga field.

- Tama-chan and Chibi-maru by Shigehisa Sunagawa [ Hoshinowa ]

Reason: Ever since the story was serialized in the newspaper, I laugh whenever cat appears in the story. This time Sunagawa created a story about cats.

Award of Excellence

- Kuishin Bo! by Shigeru Tsuchiyama [ Nihon Bungeisha ]

Reason: I thought it was just a regular cooking manga, but its vigorous "food-action" is interesting and unique.

Award of Special Recognition

- 2007 Mamechan Calendar by Yuka Hamano [ Self-published ]

Reason: It leads the way of one-frame manga with its soft and amusing drawing and humor.

- Saitama Municipal Manga Hall

Reason: We honor Rakuten Kitazawa's activities and their effort of infusing it with new styles.

Literary Giant Award

- Shinji Mizushima

Reason: We honor his effort for reaching success through not the only the power of expressive drawing, but also teamwork.


MangaCast has posted a list of the judging comittee members:

Committee Chair: Yanase Takashi (mangaka: Anpan-man; Winner 1990)
Aki Ryuusan (mangaka, Winner from 2006)
Hanamura Eiko
Satonaka Machiko (mangaka)
Baron Yoshimoto (seinen mangaka)
Tokoro Yukiyoshi (1-koma mangaka) 
Makino Kazuko (yanki mangaka; winner from 1974)
Nishida Toshiko (1-koma mangaka)  
Matsutani Kousei (President of MushiPro)
Nishimura Sou (4-koma mangaka)
Monkey Punch (mangaka: Lupin III)