Yomiuri Online has published an article looking at the 10th Anniversary of One Piece, according to this translation:

The One Piece manga has reached sales of 140 million copies sold spanning across 46 published volumes, and also boasts the fastest manga to reach 100 million volumes sold. Also, Volume 27 selling a record 2.63 million copies in its first printing.

Some sample scans from the ONE PIECE 10th Treasures can be found here.

Currently there's a rumor going around Japanese bulletin boards that Kentaro Yabuki (creator of Black Cat)'s To-LOVE-Ru will be adapted into an anime. However, there are currently no solid evidence that suggests an anime adaptation is in the works.

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topAccording to Meteor, a short manga titled Reibaishi Izuna ~the spiritual medium~ by Okano Takeshi and Makura Shou will start in the August issue of Oh SUPER JUMP. The manga will feature Haduki Izuna from the Jigoku Sensei Nube (Hell Teacher Nube) series.

According to Canned Dogs:

This is also the first time the authors are working together since 2000. The authors had supposedly went their separate ways soon after Nube ended because of some disputes and also because their 2nd comic was received very badly.

Shin Angyo Onshi (Blade of the Phantom Mask) by In-Wan Youn and Kyung-Il Yang will end its serialization in the September issue of Sunday GX, on sale 8/18.

Senaka: Otaku Road reports that with the Japanese release of Tenjho Tenge Volume 17, Oh! Great's seinen manga, which began serialization in 1998 in Ultra Jump, will have sold over 10.7 million copies.

Shounen Fang's official website has been updated with a brief statement from its editorial department announcing the magazine's demise.

According to posts on 2ch, Yusei Matsui's Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro will be adapted into an anime.

From Kadokawa Shoten comes a new magazine called Zoukan Ace A Assault. The 2007 Summer issue will be released on July 10th, and will carry extra chapters (side stories) of popular serializations such as Mirai Nikki, Garei, Fate/stay night and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

capeta creator Masahito Soda's manga Subaru will resume serialization in Big Comic Spirits under the titled Subaru ~solitude standing~.

According to a Super Dash Bunko advertisement that appeared in Weekly Shounen Jump No. 32 (7/9), Katayama Kentarou (Author) and Yamamoto Yamato (Illustrator)'s light novel series Kure-nai will be adapted into a manga.

The new manga will start in the first issue Shueisha's new magazine Jump Square (11/2). A preview of the manga will appear in Akamaru Jump (on sale in August).

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Two new series will start in the upcoming issues of Weekly Shonen Jump:

  • Issue 32 (7/9)
    - Belmondo Le VisiteuR by Shoumei Ishioka
  • Issue 33 (7/14)
    - SKET DANCE by Kenta Shinohara

Also, Yoshio Sawai's Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo ended in Weekly Jump issue 31, which went on sale 7/2.

topThe official site of the previously reported Jump Square has finally been launched at (the page was previously unavailable).

Also, according to the official site and this magazine scan, works by the following author will appear in the new "Supreme Quality Manga Magazine" that will replace Monthly Shonen Jump:

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When Shueisha announced in February the suspension of Monthly Shonen Jump, it was also mentioned that a new magazine will be created to take Monthly Jump's place. According to Weekly Jump Readers' Journal, the new magazine will be called Jump Square (Jump SQ). The first issue will be release on November 2nd, and will follow a monthly release schedule with new issues released on the 4th of every month.

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Three new series will start in the upcoming issues of Shueisha's Super Jump:

Super Jump issue 14 (6/27):
- Que Sera Sera by Hiroyuki Tamakoshi (Boys Be..., Gacha Gacha)

Super Jump issue 16:
- MissCan☆Scandal by Nobuto Hagio

Super Jump issue 17:
- Kaitai Shingo by Tai Itou

Also, a new series titled doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Himatsubushi-hen) will begin serialization in the August issue of Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan (7/12).

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