Shounen Fang to Cease Publication

Chuosha reports that Leed's monthly manga magazine Shounen Fang will cease publication with its September issue (on sale 7/19), exactly a year after it was launched.

Source: animeOnline

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Last years shounen manga magazines are defunct

So by this the only 2 shounen manga magazines that started last year have gone defunct (Shounen Blood and Shounen Fang) :(

I wonder (just like Ultimatum wrote in a post here) if they will continue serialization of Shounen Fang's manga online on Yahoo! Comic, just like how manga from the defunct magazine Shounen Blood is being serialized online on FlexComix Blood (also provided by Yahoo! Comic).

Shounen Fang

It's sad for me, since about a third of the contributors to Fang were my own students or former students, but it's not surprising. The whole Seika faculty was wary of the Fang enterprise from the beginning. It was funded by, of all things, a company that makes pachinko machines. Pachinko machines these days are decorated with characters from popular (usually older) manga and anime. The company's idea was that it could save money that would go to paying royalties by creating its own stable of original characters through Fang using mostly rookie artists (such as my students). Anyone with half a brain can find the massive flaws in that notion after five or ten minutes thought, and even the editors themselves seemed dubious. Nonetheless, the company that financed the project promised to fund it for a minimum of 2 years, regardless of sales. Most of us doubted the sincerity of that promise, and obviously our doubts were well-grounded. Still, the artists (at least those from Seika) went into the enterprise with open eyes, approaching it as an opportunity to gain experience. Hopefully the work they did at Fang will help them get work elsewhere.

What about Leed?

It was funded by, of all things, a company that makes pachinko machines.

So it was entirely founded by the pachinko machine company? What about Leed, did they do anything about it, or are they simply distributing the magazine? (Or is Leed the pachinko machine company? (Something I did not know Leed was known for))

I wonder if this was caused in part by the declining magazine market in Japan, or simply a mistake (a dumb one at that) made by some company who wants to save money...there needs to be more variety in the magazine scene, otherwise we'll just end up with only 3 or 4 shonen magazines and some seinen ones, not a whole lot of competition or choices for readers.

finally... there was a


there was a continuation of kaleido star Wings of future??

or not?

if there is the manga translated please send me where i can found it