Rozen Maiden to End in Comic BIRZ July Issue

According to the latest issue of Gentosha's Monthly Comic BIRZ, PEACH-PIT's popular series Rozen Maiden will end its run in the July issue of Comic BIRZ.

In January, rumors began circulating that PEACH-PIT is having a dispute with Comic BIRZ's editorial department over the serialization of Rozen Maiden. Later Rozen Maiden's serialization was suspended in the March issue of Comic BIRZ (released on January 30th).

Source: Ultimatum Talk

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I wonder if there's any

I wonder if there's any chance of some other magazine grabbing the title (I mean, it's apparently pretty popular over there) or if Birz really has the power to kill it like that.

Might be possible

Yes, Rozen Maiden is very popular in Japan, and the fact that it doesn't seem the story is ending, but just that it will stop serialization in Birz, there might be a chance for the manga to appear on another magazine...what would be interesting is to find out what happened between PEACH-PIT and Birz's editorial dept...


A good home would be with MediaWorks, specifically Dengeki GAO! which previously serialized PEACH-PIT's DearS manga.
Not too far back, the Houbansha title, ToriKoro, was resurrected in Dengeki Daioh, and that seemed to have been received well.
So yeah, Rozen Maiden continuing in GAO!, at least in my view, would be a good match.


Is there an x-rated version of rozen maiden?