Rozen Maiden Serialization Suspended

A month ago PEACH-PIT's Rozen Maiden went on hiatus in Gentosha's Comic BIRZ magazine, with a message from PEACH-PIT that said: "Our work has been suspended, if the editorial team decides to explain the situation, it will be in the next issue [of Comic BIRZ], until then we cannot disclose any details regarding the matter, it is very regrettable."

The March issue of Comic BIRZ has been released, and while Rozen Maiden did not appear in the magazine or the preview for the next issue, the only explanation available was a small message in the TOC (Table of Contents): "Suspension due to circumstances."

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why did you suspend it

sad that they suspend it alot of ppl watch it even in mexico or venezual or un other south americas contry watch it.
bad decicion and not a good explanation they geev=
"Suspension due to circumstances."
well i hope thay change their decicion.

not a very good reason

why did you suspend it a lot of people was watching Rozen Maiden, A LOT it was such a good show it is a shame that you aren't able to at least finish the anime.a lot of question was left unanswer when they did that. that is just sad .:(


Aaw man!
This sucks! so much is left to tell!! please dont end it like this..