PEACH-PIT Apologizes for Rozen Maiden Incident

topVolume 8 of PEACH-PIT's Rozen Maiden came out on June 23rd. Due to the incidents earlier this year involving Rozen Maiden, volume 8 is barely over 90 pages (a regular volume of manga totals around 200 pages).

On June 24th, the mangaka duo PEACH-PIT posted a message on their blog apologizing for the rushed "ending" of Rozen Maiden. Below is a excerpt from the post:

Rozen Maiden volume 8 was just released.

We think all Rozen Maiden fans were worried because we refrained from commenting on this blog since the beginning of this year. We're sorry about that and thank you for caring.

The reason why we couldn't mention anything about Rozen Maiden is not because my love and interest for the work were gone. This is the one thing we can be excused of.

Rozen Maiden is a blessed work, we can feel the love brought forth from fans everywhere. However, the present situation of Rozen Maiden is not something desired by fans. We're very sorry about that.

There are various ways to look at this situation. We're sorry for the people who was discouraged by it. we apologize. We also thank the people who accepted it, a thousand thanks.

We think everyone has their own opinion. We will accept all opinions that come in my way. Also, we will return the passion of the fans in the future, somehow.

Via: animeOnline

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Wow I really wonder what happened? I mean everyone is being so mysterious and vague about everything. Whatever it was, it must have been pretty serious, because even disagreements can be worked out and happen between artists and publishers often. hmmm....

Not much new information

Not much new information from the blog post, aside from tons of "I'm sorry"...hopefully the truth of what really happened between PEACH-PIT and Gentosha comes out in the open one much be something serious for them to cancel a series as popular as Rozen Maiden.

You've just turned them to junk


you've just turned them to junk by not finishing the series.
Please finish it, its a good anime and there are still lots of question that needs answers.

i agree that rozen maiden is

i agree that rozen maiden is a good manga and needs a good ending.i bought the book from anazon and was shocked to find a little dinky book with bareley 50 pages. hope that peach pit can fix the problem as soon as possable but not to rush it this time.

you have to be kidding me..

i just finished reading volume 8 hoping for a good ending but was extremly disappointed for what they gave usjun opens a door to help the dolls then a friggin bunny tells us we cannot see how they get saved or what happens to the dolls :(
apologize all you want i am apalled at peach pit for there lack of effort on the rozen maiden ending :(
i thought they would make it a good manga like DEARS but no all we get is rabbit basically flipping his middle finger off at all the readers telling them you cannot see the ending, peach pit i hope i speak for all the fans out there when i say "please fix rozen maiden"


lol, i agree they should bring the series back, but one other thing--
the comments about the rabbit were hilarious XDD

utterly disspointed

peachpit i truly hope you fix it because rozen maiden was the best manga out there until the end, where it became this work of... crap. Please tell me there will be a volume 9, because that was pitiful and unfinished. Not good.


The ending to Rozen Maiden was by far the most disapointing thing I have ever read. It leaves you at the climax of the story and simply ceases. Consider that we have just seen Souseiseki and Suiseiseki trapped by entangling rose vines, the only girl that Suigintoh gives a rats ass about has just been taken, Shinku has been captured, Jun has gone on to save them all... and then it ends. A cliffhanger ending like that doesn't make a reader feel good because it gives you no sense of closure. I was wholly irked by the fact that nothing is actually wrapped up.

The ending to the series that was given was nothing more than your typical cliffhanger ending to a show. You're annoyed that it ended like that because you want to see what happens next, but you're comfortable enough with it because you know that you can see the conclusion next week (or whenever the next episode is). However with Rozen Maiden, the climactic battle goes unresolved.

Personally I don't know if I'm going to bother with the redone version simply because I don't want to get my hopes up at a decent ending only to get a kick in the face like that.

I was VERY dissapointed with

I was VERY dissapointed with the ending of Rozen Maiden vol.8 and especially the fact it was a 1/4 of the size of all the other volumes. I bought it off amazon so i didn't have to pay the full ??6.99 price but i was expecting a book with around 200 pages. I really hope that Peach-Pit acknowledge all of the fans of rozen maidens dissapointed with last book and hopefully fix it with another series of books telling us what happened or an extra volume with more than 50 pages in it.


There is only one explanation for the sudden ending. This is an intricately orchestrated MURDER ... the killer is among us. The culprit is ...

pendejos destruyeron la

pendejos destruyeron la mejor serie y manga de mi vidayo queria que kikishou se enfrente a shinku como barasuishou se enfrenta a shinku en el anime lo tarrearon todo yo queria ver a kirakishou en accion y ustedes solo la convirtieron en una loca frenetica y ademas el manga final fue una verdadera despcion les deveria dar verguensa pues son unos miserables

nota : si hacen un nuevo tomo por fa metan a barasuishou era tambien una buena mu??eca a igual que kirakishou juntas podrian ser una pelea extraordinaria la octava mu??eca perdida

Piye jal?

Niat po ra' sih ki Shibuko Ebara lan Banri Sendo nggambar komik Rozen Maiden, padahal aq wis ngarepke ending sing apik, ayo peach pit keep u'r spirit up