PEACH-PIT and Comic BIRZ Dispute over Rozen Maiden?

imgPEACH-PIT's manga Rozen Maiden is so popular that it is even read by Taro Aso, Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs. However, it seems the manga recently ran into some trouble with Comic BIRZ (the magazine it's serialized in).

Recently Rozen Maiden suddently went on hiatus in Gentosha's Comic BIRZ. PEACH-PIT's information website "Ohirome Calendar" states that "Our work has been suspended, if the editorial team decides to explain the situation, it will be in the next issue [of Comic BIRZ], until then we cannot disclose any details regarding the matter, it is very regrettable."

Some speculate that the editorial department lost PEACH-PIT's draft, others think there is some kind of disagreement between PEACH-PIT and the editorial department. It seems certain that until the next issue goes on sale, the facts will not be made public.

Source: New Akiba

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This makes me sad.

This makes me sad.


This makes me sad too. Rozen Maiden must continue. It's a big hit!

The End Of The World!!!

If Peach-Pit is having trouble with Comic BIRZ, then why don't they just switch to another magazine?
As I see it, they still own the copy right, so theirs no reason why they can't.
TokyoPop has the translated version, so why not go to them?
Besides, Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs will raise hell, and plus, how many angry fans will there be?

well this makes me feel ba

well this makes me feel ba too. i wonder why the editorial department is so secretive about what happened. wouldn't it be better if we know why there wouldn't be a continuation of the series? P-Pit could try someone else, like Squaresoft/squarenix, Zombie loan is under them right now. Geneon America is now officially closed as well. so the production of the anime has even ended too. i wonder what happened to this series, i want to know why it just 'died' when it has so much potential it still holds.