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A round-up of new acquisitions announced during this weekend's NYCC:

Yen Press:

  • Bamboo Blade by Igarashi/Totsuka
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni by Ryuukishi ZeroNana
  • Nabari no Ou by Kamatani Yuuki
  • Soul Eater by Atsushi Ohkubo
  • Sumomomo Momomo by Oohashi Shinobu

Dark Horse:

  • Clover by CLAMP


  • Swallowing the Earth by Tezuka Osamu

Del Rey:

  • Gakuen Prince by Jun Yuzuki
  • Samurai 7 by Mizutaka Zuhou
  • Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei by Kouji Kumeta
  • The Case of the Dragon Slayer (novel) by Kouhei Kadono

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From Tiamat's Disciple comes an interview with Yen Press' Kurt Hassler and George Walkley, who talk about Yen Press (which recently renewed its official website), its future, and the manga market in general.

Via: MangaBlog

theOtaku reports that Yen Press has announced several new manga acquisitions at NYAF07:

  • Shoulder a Coffin Kuro
  • Hidamari Sketch (to be released as Sunshine Sketch)
  • Suzunari!
  • Astro

Also mentioned is that Yen Press has licensed ICE Kunion's manhwa titles:

Yen Press acquired manhwa publisher ICE Kunion's titles, and they're reprinting the previously-released books very soon.

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NEW YORK, NY (November 12, 2007) - Yen Press, an imprint of Hachette Book Group USA that is dedicated to graphic novels, will publish its first BL (Boys Love) romances that feature adult males starting in Fall 2008. Obtained from the Japanese publisher Houbunsha and created by the talented Lily Hoshino, additional BL titles will be published throughout 2009. "We are pleased to support this market that has such a dedicated fan base." said Kurt Hassler, Co-Publishing Director for Yen Press.

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One Potato Two reports that Yen Press is currently looking for an intern:

Internship opportunity to work in the Yen Editorial Department at Hachette Book Group USA in our New York office.

Candidate will provide support to members of the Yen Editorial Department.'s new manga section has posted two interviews, one with Yen Press' Kurt Hassler, and the other Dallas Middaugh of Del Rey Manga.

Also, Variety has posted two articles on Tokyopop, which takes a comprehensive look at Tokyopop, and talks with its founder and CEO Stuart Levy.

Sources: MangaBlog & ANN

From ICv2 comes an article on Yen Press and some of its recently licensed manga. The article also touches on Yen Press' new manga anthology, which will debut in the summer of 2008 and will feature a mixture of translated and original stories.

After making its debut at this year's SDCC, Yen Press has issued a press release regarding its latest licenses:

Hot on the heels of a successful debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the newly formed graphic novel imprint Yen Press has announced that Little, Brown Book Group UK will simultaneously distribute Yen's upcoming list in Britain beginning next month.

Source: MangaBlog

From comes an article on Little, Brown Book Group's deal with Hachette Book's Yen Press manga in the U.K. The deal begins in September 2007 with 7 titles being released in the U.K.:

Little, Brown's science fiction and fantasy imprint Orbit will market the Yen Press list in the UK. Orbit business manager George Walkley said: "Orbit has been watching the development of the manga market closely, and we???re confident that in Yen Press we have found the ideal publishing partner.

Many new titles were announced by several publishers at Comic Con 2007:

Yen Press

  • Sundome (sex comedy) by Kazuto Okata
  • Kieli
  • Kaze no Hana by Mizta Ushio

According to Kurt Hassler, Yen Press will not censor any of their titles.

Seven Seas

  • Hayate Cross Blade (yuri) by Shizuru Hayashiya
  • Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo (yuri) by Mera Hakamada
  • Girls Love (yuri light novel)
  • Girls Revolution (yuri light novel)

Also, according to this, Seven Seas' new yaoi line will be called "Bee Line."


  • LEADER'S HIGH by Shindo Arashi

Broccoli Books

  • Nui! by Natsumi Mukai

Last but not least, Check here and here for a big list of mostly non-Japanese titles from Tokyopop.