The Yukan Fuji blog reports that Shogakukan is looking to create online versions of at least 2 magazines out of its existing lineup, part of a growing trend towards creating "net" books and magazines, online versions of the print media, as a new revenue source. (Full story in extended)

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Shogakukan is set to release a retrospective of classic manga titles from 1945 to 2005, on October 30th. Titled The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Manga (English title: literal Japanese title is Modern Manga Museum), it introduces roughly 700 titles from 4 eras (1945-58, 59-69, 70-80, 81-2000 and 2001-2005) along with brief excerpts from the manga and publication data. It also includes a mangaka index, manga chronology and complete list of publishers' award winners.

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The first issue of a new bi-monthly adult manga magazine for men titled Hana Ryou Gakuen Daigaku (link contains adult material) was released by Oaks on 9/16.

The first issue of a new bi-monthly (Odd months) 4-koma anthology titled Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette willl be released by Ichijinsha on 9/25. The male-oriented magazine will be serializing moe/bishoujo series.

MediaWorks will be launching a new magazine titled "Comic SYLPH" this winter.

To celebrate Morning's 25th anniversary, a special issue titled Morning 2 will be released on August 10th, which will contain one-shots from mangaka of Morning

A special issue of Dengeki Hime titled Marugoto Navel Special will be released by MediaWorks on August 10th. The special issue will contain Navel-related materials such as illustrations and information on works from Navel (SHUFFLE!, Tick! Tack!, Really? Really!, SOUL LINK, etc.)

From DramaQueen comes a new Global Boys' Love anthology called Rush, which is planned to be released at this year's Yaoicon.

The first issue of the "Bishoujo only Visual Magazine" magazine, Comptiq H's - Comptiq Heroines -, was be released on 6/30.

The first issue (Summer 2006 issue) of Kadokawa Shoten's "Newtype Romance" (add-on to Newtype August issue) will be released on 7/10.