Combining Moe and education is nothing new. After the success of Moetan (English), educational books featuring cute characters aimed at otaku have become increasingly popular, some examples include Moe Economics (Economics), Kabu de Ikou! (Stock Trading), and Tsundere Linux (Linux). English otaku blog Cardcaptor's Blog recently announced "Moeru Kakuritsu Moekaku," (Budding Probability Moekaku), a guide to probability theory taught by Nagato Yuki from the Suzumiya Haruhi universe:

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maidhuntAkihabara is known around the world for its otaku culture and maid cafes. Not only is Akihabara a hot tourist spot, but it also serves as a place for geeks and otakus to "heal their spiritual wounds."

A few days ago, a shocking event took place in this otaku heaven that sent tremors throughout the otaku world - a maid was threatened, and subsequently molested, by a man. This incident is now being called "Maid Hunting," named after the controversial "Otaku Hunting" event that took place earlier this fall in Akihabara.

According to reports, around 7:00pm on October 17th in front of the JR Akihabara Station, a 18 year old girl dressed as a maid (who was handing out flyers) was approached by a man. The man asked, "Are you a college student? Where do you work?" The maid was then asked to bring the man to the maid cafe she worked at. When they were climbing the stairs of the maid cafe, the man suddenly took out a small knife, and proceeded to forcefully molest the maid's lower body.

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Recently a figurine of Saber (from Fate/stay-night) given away as a "hand-made collector's edition item" by a Chinese comic magazine called "Donghua Jidi" (Anime Base) became a hot topic of discussion in both China and Japan. The cause of the debates was the figurine's ugly appearance.

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Kita High Festival, a convention centered on sales of Suzumiya Haruhi-only doujinshi and events, will take place in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo on September 17th between 12-4pm.

Source: MangaCast

The first issue of a new bi-monthly (Odd months) 4-koma anthology titled Manga 4Koma KINGS Palette willl be released by Ichijinsha on 9/25. The male-oriented magazine will be serializing moe/bishoujo series.

"Moetan 3 ~Return of the Little Witch~" will be released on 7/27. Now you can once again enjoy moe while learning English at the same time.

The Mainichi Daily News takes a look at Mitsubishi Pencil Co.'s new coloring pencils "designed for adults as a coloring boom among middle-aged and senior people continues across Japan."

In order to promote the "Akihabara Parapara Manga Festa" contest taking place between 7/3 - 10/31, mangaka Yaku Mitsuru appeared at a public presentation with Aki Hoshino, who dressed up as a maid.

A "Parapara Manga" is a comic book where the reader flips through the pages rapidly so the pictures appear to be moving.

- http://www.mainichi-msn.co.jp/entertainment/manga/etc/mtb.html

On the 25th of every month, Mainichi Shimbun will be distributing its Anime, Manga, and Game newspaper "MANTAN Broad" for free in over 580 throughout Japan.

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The otaku culture is becoming increasingly popular in France. Over 60,000 people are expected to attend this year's Japan Expo held in Paris from 7/7 to 7/9. Manga artists such as Morishige, Aki Shimizu, Hideki Owada, Kenjiro Katatsu, and Mamiya Takizaki, as well as animator Kizuhide Tomonaga, are will be attending the expo.

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