Nagato Yuki's Guide to Probability

Combining Moe and education is nothing new. After the success of Moetan (English), educational books featuring cute characters aimed at otaku have become increasingly popular, some examples include Moe Economics (Economics), Kabu de Ikou! (Stock Trading), and Tsundere Linux (Linux). English otaku blog Cardcaptor's Blog recently announced "Moeru Kakuritsu Moekaku," (Budding Probability Moekaku), a guide to probability theory taught by Nagato Yuki from the Suzumiya Haruhi universe:

The current version is four pages long, and consists of a short introduction and a list of definitions of sets and functions. The target audiences are college students who are familiar with calculus and algebra. Nagato Yuki, our favourite humanoid interface, will serve as your personal tutor.

The guide is currently still under construction, and Cardcaptor's Blog welcomes any suggestions to the guide.