Del Rey Manga has announced several new licenses at this year's NYAF07:


  • Gankutsuoh by Maeda & Arihara Yura
  • Papillion by Ueda Miwa
  • Kami-chama Karin chu by Koge Donbo
  • Mao-chan by Ran & Akamatsu Ken

Light Novel:

  • xxxHOLiC AnotherHOLiC by NishiOishin
  • Kubikiri Cycle by NishiOisin

ICv2 reports that Canadian publisher Drawn & Quarterly will be releasing the Yoshihiro Tatsumi short stories collection Good-Bye in May of 2008:

The 208-page anthology of stories drawn in 1971 and 1972 provides plenty of examples Tatsumi's gekiga manga. Tatsumi coined the title gekiga (literally "dramatic comics") to describe his seriously intentioned work in reaction to the etymological roots of the word manga, which means "irresponsible pictures."

From MangaCast comes a list of rumored new Go! Comi licenses, which were listed on

However, a comment by Go! Comi's David Wise states that "There is ABSOLUTELY no truth to these rumors. And it is POSITIVELY untrue that we will be announcing these or any other licenses at our panel at the New York Anime Festival on December 7th at 5:00 PM in room 1A24. That's a week from Friday at 5 o'clock. Room 1A24. But you'll get nothing out of me!"

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According to the latest issue of PWCW, U.S. publisher Vertical will be bringing Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack to the U.S.:

Japanese pulp fiction and classic manga publisher Vertical Inc. announced plans to publish Black Jack, legendary mangaka Osamu Tezuka's popular series about a genius surgeon, in its entirety beginning in fall 2008.

Via: ANN

Many new acquisition announcements have been made at this year's Yaoi Con (list compiled by ANN):

Yen Press:

  • Love Quest (Rabu Kue) by Hoshino Lilly
  • Mr. Flower Bride by Hoshino Lilly
  • Mr. Flower Groom by Hoshino Lilly


  • Koi Cupid by Mia Ikumi
  • Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Boysenberry (Broccoli):

  • Cigarette Kisses (Kuchibiru no Yukue) by Nase Yamato

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UDON and d/visual Join Forces to Continue Popular Artbook Series

Toronto, ON - Oct 29, 2007 - Conceived and edited by Range Murata ("Last Exile", "Blue Submarine No.6"), and published in Japan by Wanimagazine, ROBOT is a unique, full color anthology series which unites Japan's greatest Manga creators, many of whom are experimenting with color stories for the first time. New volumes of the series' English language version have been absent from store shelves for nearly a year. Now, UDON Entertainment and d/visual have teamed up to continue bringing the series to English readers, starting with ROBOT Volume 4 in December 2007.

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MangaCast points to an AoD post, which has discovered a new manga listed under Broccoli Books on

Also discovered by MangaCast are three new tentative adult titles from Icarus Publishing:

  • MazoChiChi by Erect Touch
  • Read Me! by Hinemosu Notari
  • Sanka no Koku by Yuuki

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Media Blasters has announced several new acquisitions at this year's MangaNEXT:

  • Akihabara@DEEP by Akane Makoto & Ishida Ira
  • Strawberry-chan no Karei na Seikatsu by Morinaga Ai

Source: MangaCast

Del Rey Manga has announced several new acquisitions at this year's MangaNEXT:

  • Selected works from Faust, a novel and manga magazine from Kodansha
  • Toto! Wonderful Adventure by Yu-ko Osada
  • Haridama Magical Cram School by Atsushi Suzumi (mangaka of Venus Versus Virus)
  • Maid Machinegun (novel) by Ariya

Source: Giapet

DMP's MySpace blog posts a reminder that Udon Entertainment has picked up Robot, an anthology by various manga artists lead by Range Murata. Robot was previously licensed by DMP, but was discontinued after three volumes. Volume 4 of Robot will be released in December.