ANN is reporting that Viz Media will be releasing a manga adaptation of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda this October:

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Toronto, ON – Apr 4, 2008 – Having already successfully brought the popular Japanese anthology series ROBOT back to North America, UDON Entertainment has now partnered with Seoul Visual Works to publish the English edition of APPLE, an all-new Korean illustration and comics anthology.

APPLE stands for "A Place for People who Love Entertainment", and features original stories and illustrations from the best creative talent Korea has to offer. Over 40 artists from the video game world are represented in APPLE Volume 1, including the artists behind the mega-hit Lineage MMORPG series, superstar Hyung-Tae Kim(Magna Carta, War of Genesis), and dozens of other pro illustrators, animators and graphic artists.

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Dyin' for Dayan (Dai-On)

Akido Ikeda's international sensation Dayan is finally available in the United States! The mischievous cat Dayan has already captured the hearts and minds of Japan, spawning over thirty books, a theme park, museums, and stores dedicated entirely to the fictional world where he resides, Wachifield! Discover the phenomenon this spring with the first four books, published by Dark Horse in handsome hardcover.

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According to ICv2, Tokyopop has licensed a new seinen manga from GTO mangaka Tohru Fujisawa titled Tokko. The first volume of Tokko will be released in July.

Brazilian manga publisher JBC Publishing has licensed two new titles: Hellsing and Train Man. No information regarding the price and release formats has been released so far..

Source: Papo de Budega

Gardena, CA, March 19, 2008 - Digital Manga Publishing, one of the industry's most innovative manga licensing and publishing companies, has announced the debut of five new novels under its Juné imprint for Fall 2008!

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According to ICv2, Tokyopop will be releasing the first volume of Speed Grapher by Tomozo and Yusuke Kozaki, based on the anime of the same name from Gonzo, this September. Also, the second volume of the manga will be released in December along with "a 248-page novelization of the anime series by Minoru Niki."

According to ICv2, Tokyopop will be releasing Otsu-ichi's novel Goth, as well as its manga adaptation of the same name by Kendi Ohishi (artist of Welcome to the N.H.K.) this fall. The Goth manga will be released in September, while the novel will be released a month later in October.

According to ICv2, Tokyopop will be releasing Fruits Basket creator Natsuki Takaya's first manga, Phantom Dream, this December:

The five volume series, Takaya's first published manga, was known as Geneimuso in Japan. It will be cross-promoted with Fruits Basket via a preview in Fruits Basket Vol. 21.

Also, MangaBlog reports that Tokyopop is planning on promoting volume 19 of its Fruits Basket manga by making the manga completely free online to members for 19 minutes:

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SAN JOSE, CA - March, 2008 - DrMaster Publications has announced the impending release of three new titles, Mamoru the Shadow Protector by Sai Madara & Taro Achi, Nephylym by Rei Kusakabe, and Feng Shui Academy by Haruka Shouji.

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