MangaCast reports several new licenses from DMP:

  • fafner by Ubukata Tow (light novel)
  • KNIGHTS by Murao Minoru
  • Red Angel by Tateno Makoto

According to this post from AoD (Via MangaCast), several new titles have appeared on Simon Says under Viz Media, scheduled for release in October/November 2008:

Brazilian Panini announced on it's website the cancellation of two titles: Eden and Peach Girl. According to Panini, the cancellation was mainly a result of slow sales. In both cases, the cancellation was a "re-break," because both titles have already been canceled once.

Many fans were angered by Panini's cancellation, since the publisher promised to release the entire Peach Girl series to its end. So far, the only Brazilian publisher to finish releasing an entire series is JBC.

Source: Papo de Budega

Dark Horse editor Philip Simon has posted an announcement regarding the current status of Hiroki Endo's manga EDEN, which came close to being canceled by Dark Horse last year.

According to the announcement, although EDEN will be released at a slower pace, Dark Horse has decided to release the manga up to volume 12 (for now):

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According to 801 Media's latest blog post, the yaoi publisher has acquired 4 new titles to be released later this year:

  • BLACK SUN by Ogasawara Uki
  • Meeting You by Tennouji Mio
  • Falling into Love by Kanzaki Takashi
  • His Arrogance by Kanzaki Takashi

Source: MangaCast

According to MangaCast, DrMaster has licensed the manga Kage kara Mamoru! by Madara Sai and Achi Taro, and will release the title this June under the title Mamoru The Shadow Protector.

Los Angeles, CA (January 25, 2008) ??? Broccoli Books is extremely proud to announce that they have acquired the publishing rights and license for the extremely popular manga series sola by Chako Abeno and the video game-centric manga series Honoka Level Up! written by Akiyoshi Ohta and illustrated by MATSUDA98.

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MangaCast reports that adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing has licensed Yuzuki N Dash's Cheerful Eros Project manga (the title can be found on Icarus Publishing's "Retail Product Schedule/Order Code" page). Some samples of the manga can be found here (NSFW).

According to MangaCast, Broccoli Books has licensed the manga Honoka Lv. Up!, written by Akiyoshi Ohta and drawn by Matsuda98. The manga will be sold for $10.99 each.

YaoiSuki reports that 801 Media has delayed its new acquisition announcement to Valentine's Day. Also mentioned is that 801 Media is having some problems with its printer:

Our printer printed the pages of both The King of Debt and The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy out of order...twice. So we had to print the books 3 times!!! We have some advanced copies on sale at the 801 Media Inc. store, also Akadot Retail has some copies and so does Right Stuf International.

Finally, Deux Press now has a MySpace account.