SAN JOSE, CA - January, 2008 - DrMaster has just announced the publication of Magic Lover's Tower, a two-volume series. It will definitely grant your wish for an enchanting story of love, fantasy, and all that heart-wrenching love-triangle drama!

Roxanne, the nerdy class cleanliness rep, is secretly in love with the bad boy of the class, Logan. One day she accidentally releases Baphalen, a magic being who was sealed in a painting by the Heavenly Courts as punishment. Baphalen is the celestial guardian of the incense urn of the Old Man Under the Moon, and possesses the fantastic Magic Lover's Staff. He decides to use his Magic Lover's Staff to help Roxanne get her wish of winning Logan's heart.

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Broccoli Books has updated its website with three of its recent new acquisitions:

  • Nui! by Natsumi Mukai
  • Koi Cupid by Mia Ikumi
  • sola by Naoki Hisaya (story) and Chaco Abeno (art)

The updated pages include information on release dates, creators, characters, as well as sneak previews (currently unavailable).

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Del Rey Manga's Dallas Middaugh reveals in his latest blog post that Del Rey has officially licensed Keito Koume's Kujibiki Unbalance. The acquisition of the title was "strongly hinted" at Del Rey's MangaNEXT panel in 2006.

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ANN reports that Seven Seas president Jason DeAngelis has confirmed two new acquisitions made by Seven Seas:

  • Inukami! by Mamizu Arisawa and Mari Matsuzawa
  • Kuro Majo-san ga Touru!! (novel) by Hiroshi Ishizaki

MangaCast points out a new license from CMX for its Flex Comix line. The new acquisition, a shounen/seinen manga called Fist Shoujo RIKU by Nishino Jyuutarou, will be released in June 2008.

From the blog Manly Manga and More... comes a list of manga that will be released in Germany in the first half of 2008. Also included in the list is are new titles that Tokyopop Germany has licensed.

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UDON announces new titles from their 2008 publishing line up

Toronto, ON ??? Dec 10, 2007 ??? This past weekend at the 2007 New York Anime Festival UDON Entertainment unveiled a swath of exciting announcements to a room full of thrilled anime and comic book fans. Just in time for Street Fighter's 20th anniversary (highlighted by the all-new Street Fighter IV video game and the upcoming live action movie), UDON plans to release three pulse-pounding Street Fighter comic book series in 2008.

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Tokyopop has announced several new manga licenses at this year's NYAF:

  • Kyo Kara Maoh! by Temari Matsumoto
  • Fate/stay night by Nishiwaki Datto
  • Genei Muso by Natsuki Takaya

Also, Bandai Entertainment announced that it has acquired the rights to the Code Geass manga and light novel series.

Source: theOtaku

theOtaku reports that Yen Press has announced several new manga acquisitions at NYAF07:

  • Shoulder a Coffin Kuro
  • Hidamari Sketch (to be released as Sunshine Sketch)
  • Suzunari!
  • Astro

Also mentioned is that Yen Press has licensed ICE Kunion's manhwa titles:

Yen Press acquired manhwa publisher ICE Kunion's titles, and they're reprinting the previously-released books very soon.

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ANN and Manga report that Go! Comi has confirmed several new acquisitions at this year's New York Anime Festival:

  • Bogle by Shino Taira & Yuko Ichiju
  • Kurogane Communication by Tomomasa Takuma
  • Song of the Hanging Sky by Toriko Gin
  • Three in Love by Shioko Mizuki
  • Ultimate Venus by Takako Shigematsu
  • Yggdrasil by Lay Mutsuki