Del Rey Manga Announces New Manga and Novels at NYAF07

Del Rey Manga has announced several new licenses at this year's NYAF07:


  • Gankutsuoh by Maeda & Arihara Yura
  • Papillion by Ueda Miwa
  • Kami-chama Karin chu by Koge Donbo
  • Mao-chan by Ran & Akamatsu Ken

Light Novel:

  • xxxHOLiC AnotherHOLiC by NishiOishin
  • Kubikiri Cycle by NishiOisin

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Papillion is a french name,

Papillion is a french name, also a city and now a manga! Incredible.
wear protection shoes shoes at work.

hi im a big fan

hi my name is ashley bettini. i going from jr high to highschool and i love anime. my favorite animes is tsubasa resevoir chronicles and XXX Holic. i love many other animes but those two are my top ones. im a big fan of tsubasa chronicles i have the dvds and i read all the mangas. it would be really nice if u send me a picture with a signature on it please. it would also be nice if i were in the anime of tsubasa and i was the little sister of kurogane. i write my own stories with your anime but i havent publish it yet so dont worry im not copping your fantastic work. i love writing and drawing anime and i want to be like what you guys do right now. im working on an english project and i need an address of you guys so when i type it i can sent it to you and maybe you sent it back. So please may i have your address for my english project