Icarus Publishing

Website Promises Uncensored Hentai, Actually Delivers

Denver, Colorado, October 25th 2008 - Icarus Publishing, the largest purveyor of Japanese ero manga by weight in North America, has entered into an agreement with e-publishing pioneer DriveThruComics (drivethrucomics.com) to distribute Comic AG Digital, the online adult manga anthology.

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The Icarus Blog has posted responses to some questions asked by the fans regarding how the company worked. The questions answered include:

  • How do you choose which books to license? What is the process behind it?
  • Why don't you translate the sound effects?
  • Why don't you do direct sales to retailers/distribute through ___ company?
  • When is Blue Eyes 4 coming out!?

Adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing has released the first issue of its digital manga magazine Comic AG...for free. The magazine is available through BitTorrent.

MangaCast reports that adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing has licensed Yuzuki N Dash's Cheerful Eros Project manga (the title can be found on Icarus Publishing's "Retail Product Schedule/Order Code" page). Some samples of the manga can be found here (NSFW).

Adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing has released its 2007 year-end report:

Gross sales in 2007 increased 17.41% over 2006, which amounts to a money sack approximately twice the size of an ordinary money sack. 38.24% of our gross sales came from Diamond. As the graph indicates, profits are soaring at Icarus.

Adult manga publisher Icarus Publishing has made the test issue (Issue 00) of its Comic AG Digital (NSFW) available via BitTorrent. The download link can be found here.

MangaCast points to an AoD post, which has discovered a new manga listed under Broccoli Books on Amazon.com:

Also discovered by MangaCast are three new tentative adult titles from Icarus Publishing:

  • MazoChiChi by Erect Touch
  • Read Me! by Hinemosu Notari
  • Sanka no Koku by Yuuki

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Icarus Publishing has announced that in a few more days, it will become an official GS1 member:

In a couple of days, Icarus Publishing will become an official GS1 member. That means Comic AG will now carry a UPC code??? yup, no weaksauce third party UPC numbers, but our very own unique company UPC prefix! And for this priviledge all we needed to do was pay a $750 membership fee, plus a yearly $150 renewal fee.

According to the latest entry in Icarus Publishing's blog, the adult publisher has acquired Tohru Nishimaki's Scarlet Desire (NSFW).

Icarus Publishing has posted hints to 7 of its new acquisitions. In response, MangaCast lists 6 of the mentioned Icarus titles as well as two others:

  • Shi Tagariya by Kagura Yutakamaru
  • EroNee by Hodomi Karyu
  • Yorozu Tatarareya by Togashi
  • Honeybee Whispers by Uma Shika
  • Imoto Natsu by Tuna Empire
  • Joukou Serenade by Matsuzawa Kei
  • Extract by Shimao Kazu
  • Schoolgirl Mania by Fuji Katsupico