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Website Promises Uncensored Hentai, Actually Delivers

Denver, Colorado, October 25th 2008 - Icarus Publishing, the largest purveyor of Japanese ero manga by weight in North America, has entered into an agreement with e-publishing pioneer DriveThruComics ( to distribute Comic AG Digital, the online adult manga anthology.

"Icarus Publishing is always exploring fresh ways to deliver the best hentai to the English-speaking market, and DriveThruComics gives us a wonderful opportunity to expose ourselves to the greater mainstream," says Executive Publisher Simon Jones. "We've conducted an exhaustive review of all e-comic distribution services, and it is my firm conclusion that DriveThruComics is the only site manly enough to handle our blistering catalog of sexy Japanese manga action™. All the other e-content sites are too wimpy to dare caress our hotness. Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about."

With the addition of Comic AG Digital to its online offerings, DriveThruComics gains instant credibility among the legion of online hentai fans. "Every issue of Comic AG Digital features work from the biggest names in the world of manga today. Creators such as Yamatogawa, Yumisuke Kotoyoshi, Yuzuki N', Syowmaru... these guys are all well-known among scanlation downloaders, rippers, and scallywags of the high seas," explains Second Assistant to Editor in Chief, Simon Jones. "By practically giving away such a superb magazine - surely, one would expect to pay $5, possibly even $10 dollars a month for a print periodical of comparable quality - DriveThruComics should see a huge surge in interest from the lucrative 'college student with kickass broadband connection but allegedly little money to spend' demographic. Which, according to our own scientific research, is 92.8% of the entire internet user base."

Simon Jones, Associate Manager of Public Relations, adds: "We are enamored with DriveThruComics' easy-to-use interface and secure, browser-based file transfer. Finally, this should put an end to all those whiny e-mails from Apple owners about not being able to use Bittorrent."

The visibly distraught Jones continues, "damn those Mac users and their ultra-thin MacBook Airs integrating the latest hi-tech amenities such as powerful nVidia graphics, fast 802.11n Wi-Fi, and solid state hard drives with completely silent operation. They make me so angry."

All issues of Comic AG Digital, including the latest issue #3, are immediately available at for a trifling price of two quarters - or what a fighting game used to cost at the arcades a long, long time ago. Future issues will be released at DriveThruComics first, with a one-month exclusivity period.

ABOUT US: Icarus Publishing is the most active US-based print publisher of licensed ero manga, releasing nearly one trade paperback per month. Occasionally two. For more information on Icarus Publishing, please visit