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Torrance, CA, March 16, 2009 ‹ AURORA PUBLISHING, INC., the innovative manga publishing company that debuted its first releases in 2007, announced a BORDERS EXCLUSIVE for the release of CHIKA SHIOMI'S QUEEN OF RAGTONIA, a chilling and provocative shojo horror/fantasy series currently running in Japan. Filled with suspense, adventure, drama and the emotional rollercoaster a young princess must undergo when faced with a tragic past and an uncertain destiny, QUEEN OF RAGTONIA makes its highly anticipated debut in the United States. After a string of top-selling hit titles both in Japan and in the U.S.

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TORRANCE, CA - December 10, 2008 - Deux Press, the yaoi imprint of Aurora Publishing, has picked up the title Cigarette Kisses by Nase Yamato. Originally, Boysenberry Books, the yaoi imprint of Broccoli Books, was to release this title. However, with Broccoli Books shutting down, the title will be dropped from their list. Lucky for all of the Nase Yamato fans, Deux Press (who is already releasing her Take Me to Heaven in January 2009) was able to acquire the rights to the title, and fans can expect the manga to be released sometime in the second half of 2009.

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September 30, 2008 Los Angeles

LuvLuv Press, the josei imprint of Aurora Publishing, will have their titles available for purchase and viewing on NETCOMICS' site starting early October 2008. Readers will see the first release in October, and the following releases will come one per month. Following with NETCOMICS' format, readers will be able to see a free preview of the first chapter of any particular title's first release. Since LuvLuv Press' current releases are one-shots, all of them will have free previews. "We are extremely thrilled to be partnering with NETCOMICS," said Aurora President Mr. Nobuo Kitawaki. "The online market is another great possibility to expand the English manga market, and NETCOMIC's expertise will contribute greatly to that."

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From MangaCast comes news of several new licenses from Deux Press and Aurora Publishing (via Shuchaku East):


  • HitoHira by Kirihara Idumi

Deux Press:

  • Shiba to Issho. by Kirishima Tamaki
  • Lovers & Souls by Miyamoto Kano
  • Two of Hearts by Miyamoto Kano
  • Maid in Heaven by Shimada Hisami
  • Oh, My God by Shino Natsuho
  • Heavenly Body by Kanzaki Takashi

According to the Diamond Previews via MangaCast, Aurora Publishing will be releasing Izumi Kirihara's Hitohira volumes 1 and 2 in October and December.

Also, ANN points out that Aurora's BL imprint Deux Press will be releasing four titles in July/August:

  • Heavenly Body by Takashi Kanzaki
  • Maid in Heaven by Hisami Shimada
  • Ruff Love by Tamaki Kirishima
  • Two of Hearts by Kano Miyamoto (announced at Yaoi-Con last October)

In the latest installment of Flipped, David Welsh interviews Aurora Sales and Marketing office's Michael Perry to talk about the young publisher's origins, strategy and philosophy:

DAVID WELSH: Aurora is the North American arm of Ohzora, a Japanese publisher. Could you explain how that relationship works? Will Aurora exclusively publish translated works from Ohzora, or will you be working with other publishers as well?

MICHAEL PERRY: Aurora Publishing, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of Ohzora Publishing, Co. To simplify that, it means that we are the American office of Ohzora Publishing, come to bring manga to America. We keep a close relationship with our parent company and have people at Ohzora Publishing that solely look to license manga for us to translate into English, which I believe would answer your next question: we do publish from other companies.

Torrance, CA (December 13, 2007) ­ Aurora Publishing, Inc., the fully-owned U.S. subsidiary of Japan's manga powerhouse, Ohzora Publishing Co., launches three new websites for their three manga imprints ­ Aurora, Luv Luv & Deux.

Aurora ~ Experience the Allure of Manga

Aurora, the Shojo/Josei Manga imprint of Aurora Publishing, Inc. premieres their colorful and exciting full-featured website at The newly launched site contains details about current and future manga title releases, as well as titillating manga page previews taken from the interiors of each of their current, new and upcoming manga. Visitors to the site also have the opportunity to sign up for Aurora's informative and entertaining monthly newsletter.

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The First Three Titles of Luv Luv's Romantic and Sexy 2008 Line Up Announced!

Torrance, California (October 22, 2007) - Aurora Publishing, Inc. brings "passionate manga for women" to America with their new Luv Luv imprint. Extremely popular in Japan, but never before available as a genre in the U.S., Ladies Comics are romantic, hot and sexy manga about modern women and the men they love. Manga from Luv Luv feature more realistic sexual content and more mature storylines and themes than are presently found in the manga currently available to women in America. All of the Luv Luv graphic novels depict romantic and physical relationships with nothing held back. Why let guys have all the fun? More information can be found on the Luv Luv website:, which is set to go live on December 1, 2007.

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According to its latest blog post, Broccoli Book's yaoi imprint Boysenberry imprint will have a booth at this year's Yaoi-Con, with Delivery Cupid and Pet on Duty available at the booth.

Also mentioned was a possible cooperation with Aurora Publishing at Yaoi-Con:

Editor Samantha & I had a meeting w/ Aurora Publishing today. Mainly for information exchange & how we can work together at Yaoi Con.

MangaBlog and Yaoi Suki both point to several new licenses from Aurora Publishing and its yaoi imprint Deux:

Aurora Publishing:

  • Flock of Angels by Shoko Hamada
  • Nightmares for Sale by Kaoru Ohashi


  • Hate To Love You
  • I Shall Never Return by Kazuna Uchida
  • Spring Fever by Yugi Yamada