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September 30, 2008 Los Angeles

LuvLuv Press, the josei imprint of Aurora Publishing, will have their titles available for purchase and viewing on NETCOMICS' site starting early October 2008. Readers will see the first release in October, and the following releases will come one per month. Following with NETCOMICS' format, readers will be able to see a free preview of the first chapter of any particular title's first release. Since LuvLuv Press' current releases are one-shots, all of them will have free previews. "We are extremely thrilled to be partnering with NETCOMICS," said Aurora President Mr. Nobuo Kitawaki. "The online market is another great possibility to expand the English manga market, and NETCOMIC's expertise will contribute greatly to that."

"We are very excited to have Aurora join our platform to provide their manga to online readers." said NETCOMICS' president Heewoon Chung. "Together with Aurora's popular manga titles, our service will appeal to a broader range of readers, and our partnership will bring it to new heights."

Readers will first see Voices of Love, by Kanae Hazuki ­ LuvLuv Press' debut release and a hot seller at Anime Expo and Otakon. A collection of five romantic, hot and sexy stories about modern women and the men they love. All of the stories depict romantic and physical relationships with nothing held back.

Next comes Real Love by Mitsuki Oda. Twins Shu and Shun have no luck in love until Shu gets reacquainted with her former lover, Naomichi. While their past love fell apart, could it be that a relationship like the one they shared is what they have been looking for all along?

Third will be Love for Dessert by Hana Aoi, another Anime Expo and Otakon bestseller. Another collection of shorts, the title story is about Rei, a cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl who loves sweets, and her grumpy co-worker Kazune, who doesn't like whipped cream until he kisses it off her.

Recently released in July, the next release from Luv Luv to NETCOMICS will be Pretty Poison by Yutta Narukami. Already proving itself to be the best LuvLuv release so far, Pretty Poison centers around Riyako, whose dreams of the perfect marriage are shattered when her ex cheats on her. Heartbroken, she has a one night stand with a young man, only to realize he has a connection to her ex. Vulnerable yet suspicious, she can't help but to fall victim to his poison.

September brings the paper release of Make Love & Peace by Takane Yonetani, the first LuvLuv Press multi-volume series, which will quickly follow on NETCOMICS. College student Ayame's boyfriend is the handsome detective Koichi. After a destined meeting and the spark between them, life in the force causes constant trouble. While all they want is some peace҆ what they get is some hot & spicy love!

November brings the paper format of Sounds of Love by Rin Tanaka, another multi-volume series by LuvLuv Press. Music has always been a powerful source of stimulation, and for Kyoichiro, a hot new pianist, his manager Kazune creates the perfect sounds of love for him. With Kyoichiro's arrogance, she can't help but to feel like his erotic plaything, but is that the truth? Sounds of Love is an erotic romance that will stimulate your senses with the rhythm of passion.

About LuvLuv Press:

LuvLuv (established 2008) is the Ladies Comics/Josei Manga imprint created by Aurora Publishing, Inc. Described as passionate manga for women, LuvLuv graphic novels depict realistic sexual relationships and real life romances, themes and storylines from a woman's perspective. All LuvLuv titles are rated "M" for mature (ages 18+). Why let guys have all the fun? More information can be found online at: "Feel the