In order to provide better coverage of the upcoming Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) 2008, Anime News Network has launched a new "Japan Blog":

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Celebrating its soon-to-be 1,000th post and 1,000,000th visitor, yuri blog Okazu has announced two contests, the 1 Million Visitor Art Contest and the 1000th Post Contest.

theOtaku has launched the new "Version Vibrant" of its website:

Welcome to Version Vibrant. After months of development we are pleased to usher in the birth of a new site, complete with new code, a new design, and 50+ new features. Welcome! Visit this page every day for a quick overview of the activity around our network.

Brigid Alverson's MangaBlog is three years old! In Brigid's own words:

Yep, it's MangaBlog's third birthday today, which means I'm about a year or so away from becoming a grizzled internet veteran. So thank you for reading—you are the reason I show up to blog every day.

BL manga review and news site YaoiSuki is closing its doors:

After much discussion, Jordan and I have decided to suspend our BL coverage at YaoiSuki indefinitely. Between my new job and apartment, and a score of complications for Jordan, we simply no longer have the time to dedicate to our regular news and reviews lineup (a fact no doubt noticed by many of you).

The site will continue to be here for those who wish to go through our past reviews, check on some news item that happened, con coverage, forums, etc. But neither of us will be updating for the foreseeable future.

Storefront highlights boys' love anime, manga & more!

GRIMES, IA, February 28, 2008 - Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. continues its 20th anniversary celebration with the launch of (, a new "boutique" powered by the anime superstore that showcases boys' love anime, manga and merchandise.

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Anime and manga retailer Right Stuf has launched a new BL-oriented portal called

Right Stuf is proud to present, where you can find all of the Yaoi, Boys Love, and Shonen-Ai products in Right Stuf’s catalog. Learn a little more about the genre and find anime, manga, novels, and various merchandise covering the 13+, 16+, and 18+ age levels. From hit anime like Gravitation, to popular manga like Fake, and Right Stuf are your number one stop for all things Yaoi!

Anime news and review website Active Anime has announced the result of its Active Anime Top 25, a continuation of Animefringe's annual ranking of websites has voted by readers. Below are the rankings:

  1. Anime Planet
  2. Anime News Newtowrk
  3. Right Stuf International
  4. Anime On DVD
  5. AniDB
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Following the launch of the English version of AkibaBlog, another English otaku news/community website,, has been launched on Valentine's Day. The full press release can be found here.

Introducing Otaku culture in Akihabara to the world

HimeyaSoft USA has started the English version of AkibaBlog, which introduces "Otaku" culture in Akihabara, since February 14, 2008. Site URL:

This is a translated version of AkibaBlog, originally written in Japanese by Mr. Geek.. He talks about "hot" news in Akihabara, one of the most popular subculture cities in Japan. The Japanese version of AkibaBlog, which has 20 million page views a month, is one of the most famous blogs in Japan that talk about Otaku information. AkibaBlog and HimeyaSoft USA get together this time and try to become world's leading information source of Otaku culture.

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