Active Anime Top 25 - Formerly Known as Animefringe Top 25

Vote For The Top 25 Anime Website. Formerly Known as The Animefringe Top 25 is Now Active Animes Top 25

January 7, 2008 - Houston, Texas – Active Anime, a site dedicated to anime and manga, is continuing one of Animefringe Webzine's annual traditions by asking fans to vote for their favorite website.

Originally unveiled in 2000, Animefringe conducted this annual tradition for 5 years straight, and has garnered tons of votes during those times until Animefringe closed its doors on December 2005. However, the site is still available and contains all the back issues of the webzine for fans to peruse and enjoy.

Now in 2008, Active Anime, with the blessing Animefringe's former editor-in-chief, Adam Arnold, is continuing the tradition for the fans after almost a 3 year hiatus.

"Back in 2000, Internet webzine Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine unveiled the net's first poll of top anime websites--"The Animefringe Top 25." The poll allowed anime fans themselves to list their 3 favorite anime and manga sites with the results being announced the following January with complete write-ups of the sites. The top website poll became a highly-praised annual event and very much a staple a Animefringe up through its final issue. Now, Active Anime is helping to carry on that tradition with the launch of their very own top website poll. All I can say is... it's about time!" said Adam Arnold.

"We tried to play around with the poll by mixing some new categories in the beginning", said Rommel Salandanan, founder of Active Anime. "But at the end, we decided to keep it as simple as possible for its first run, and to pay homage to the original poll and to Animefringe, and thank Adam for allowing us to continue this tradition. One thing we did add and change is that anime or manga sites that contribute to illegal downloads and scanlations are not eligible", added Rommel.

The poll starts on January 7 – 31st, and the results will be announced on February 15th, 2008. For rules and information about the Top 25, visit