Anime News Network has launched a new sub-site called AnimeNewsNetwork.AU, complete with a new layout and more emphasis placed on the "Featured Articles" section.

What is podcasting? The word "podcast" came from Apple's "iPod" and the word "broadcasting." Like RSS, podcasting is a way of distributing multimedia files over the internet through syndication, listening to podcast is like reading news or articles, except you listen to an audio file in MP3 format. People can listen to the podcast online, or download it into their favorite MP3 player.

So what happens when we mix podcasting with manga? We get MangaCast of course! Created on July 21st, 2005, MangaCast has since become the premier manga podcasting site on the internet.

In this special issue, Backstage presents MangaCast in its fullest glory, exploring its history, features, a behind-the-scene talk with various 'Cast members, and even a how-to-make-your-own-podcast guide.

If you have any suggestions on what website you'd like to see featured on Backstage, or would like to apply to have your site featured, please send us a message.

New U.K. manga publisher Tanoshimi has launched its official site.

It's been two months since the last Backstage feature, and now the wait is over! This time Backstage takes a look at one of the oldest and most influential anime website - Anime Web Turnpike.

Anipike is a name that every serious anime fan has at least heard once or twice. So why is Anipike so well-known? And why is that pink-haird Trixie Turnpike everywhere? Read on!

The rumors are true - TOKYOPOP has just relaunched its website!

Check out the NEW, where you can:

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JULY 18, 2006 - Active Anime is a website based in Houston, Texas that is dedicated to delivering the top news, exclusive interviews and reviews of anime, manga and live action Asian releases in North America. We have a humble cadre of writers both local, national and up North in Canada to help bring you an array of information and reviews on diversified titles and various mediums (DVD, video, manga, graphic novels, and more). We are happy to announce our fourth giveaway courtesy of Digital Manga Publishing and June Manga.

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On June 15th, popular manga podcasting site MangaCast and MangaBlog announced the launch of MangaBlogCast, a collaboration between Brigid Alverson of MangaBlog and MangaCast Reviewer/Host Jack Tse hosted by MangaCast. The new podcast will combine the enthusiastic voice of Jack Tse and the informative manga news from MangaBlog to provide fans with a refreshing way to experience their favorite manga news articles.

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A new project from ComiPress! Backstage is a feature where we take a in-depth look at various anime & manga related websites.

Our first "victim" is Manga4Kids and its popular manga news blog - MangaBlog, as well as some interviews. We hope you all enjoy this new feature. Let us know what you think!

DENVER, COLORADO- June 1, 2006- Anipike is pleased to announce they are celebrating their 10th anniversary, commemorating it by giving the site an extensive redesign.

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