Anime Web Turnpike "Anipike" Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

DENVER, COLORADO- June 1, 2006- Anipike is pleased to announce they are celebrating their 10th anniversary, commemorating it by giving the site an extensive redesign.

The redesign includes making it easier for users to navigate; improved search and user tools to administer links; and easily accessible forums, galleries, chats, blogs, as well as other useful tools. In addition, users with cellular phones can create blogs, v-logs, and watch videos up to 50 MB in size.

Currently there are over 44,000 links at Anipike, and throughout the month there will be further design modifications to maintain the site'€™s user-friendly functionality.

Anipike is committed to sustain the essential services that enrich and engage
Anime audiences globally.

ABOUT ANIME BROADCASTING NETWORK, INC: Anime Broadcasting Network (ABN) provides a range of services to leverage its global market leadership in the online anime space to market a library of anime properties. ABN markets content across
TV, video, merchandising and wireless platforms, as well as provides licensing,
television and cable distribution services.

Anime Web Turnpike "€œAnipike"
Cost of Membership: Free.

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Vida longa ao Anipike.

Vida longa ao Anipike.