Anime Broadcasting Network Joins Partnership with Juice Wireless

DENVER, COLORADO- May 10, 2006- The Anime Broadcasting Network (ABN), owner of Anime Web Turnpike (, is proud to announce it'€™s partnership with Juice Wireless, owner of JuiceCaster.

Juice Wireless, creators of the groundbreaking web and mobile phone multi-media user content and social networking community, today announced the launch of JuiceCaster 2.0, an innovative social media application which allows for greater functionality on the internet and brings the power of creating and experiencing content and community to the mobile phone.

"Anipike is proud to include Juicecaster in its services for Anime and Manga fans as these tools are very powerful and robust. We think the tech fits the needs and profile for anime fans perfectly," said Ron Scovil, President of ABN Inc.

"What JuiceCaster does is bring relevance, usefulness and sustainable value to the astounding growth and adoption of social media," said David Herman, CEO of Juice Wireless. "Social media, by definition, should be an integrated part of your actual life as it happens, not something you do after the fact in your spare time, by bringing robust, easy to use multi-media features to the mobile phone, JuiceCaster 2.0 accomplishes this for users of all ages."

JuiceCaster 2.0 gives users powerful content creation and networking features -- available on any device -- web or phone -- which enable the user to present who they are, what they care about, and what they want, in virtual real-time. A revolutionary new feature within JuiceCaster2.0 is mobile-phone-created content. The free mobile application enables users to easily capture and upload multi-media content from a handset to the JuiceCaster community

JuiceCaster 2.0 also allows mobile users to stream audio and video of user-generated content and author profiles to their mobile handset, perform advanced searches of content or community, effortlessly communicate with one or many friends, and make comments and connect with authors, all directly from a mobile handset.

JuiceCaster 2.0 couples ease of use with advanced features on the web as well. An integrated audio and video recorder is embedded directly in to the JuiceCaster 2.0 website. This feature provides both a way for users to capture the full dimension of their natural thoughts, and an alternative to laboriously typing blogs, comments or profiles. Uploaded audio content is available to other users immediately on the handset or the desktop with equal ease.

JuiceCaster 2.0 is designed to be appealing to a broad base of users, who can also quickly import address books from Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, and Google to their JuiceCaster friends list.

"JuiceCaster 2.0 is a web 2.0 society that works because it doesn't require you to be in front of the web, and it bridges the gap between our social media devices; our mobile phones and computers," Herman concluded, "Creating JuiceCasts has grown from a hobby of a few to a mainstream daily exercise of the mobile lifestyle."

ABOUT JUICECASTER: Juice Wireless, Inc. is an award winning creator of innovative, consumer-friendly and highly useful applications accessible by consumers on virtually all digital devices, from the computer to the mobile phone to the iPod™ and more. Juice Wireless' flagship product is the JuiceCaster, the world's first Personal Broadcast Network.

In November 2005, Juice Wireless was awarded the "Best Use of Mobile Marketing in North America" award by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for its innovative EpiToGo mobile recipe and shopping application. Juice Wireless has executed highly successful mobile phone based marketing programs for customers including AOL, Conde Nast, Teen Vogue Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Allure Magazine, The Gillette Company, Sony Connect, Transworld Entertainment ( and many others.

Juice Wireless

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