uclick brings Manga and Anime Hit Guilstein to Mobile Phones

Los Angeles, CA and Kansas City, MO (July 18, 2006) Wowmax Media! and uclick mobile announced today an exclusive mobile licensing agreement that will make the awesome power of the manga and anime hit Guilstein available for mobile phones.

The agreement marks the first time Guilstein has been published in any form in the U.S., as well as the first time in English. Guilstein will also be the first manga work introduced for mobile before appearing in print. uclick mobile will be at the forefront of Guilstein’s North American launch, offering a wide variety of mobile content, including wallpapers, videos and mobile comic book readers.

Guilstein is one of the featured stories in GoComics Books, uclick’s new manga and comic book application. Readers can subscribe to a mobile reader that provides new stories everyday from a variety of genres.“The look and feel of Guilstein is going to come through stunningly in mobile form,” says uclick CEO Chris Pizey. “The images convey the spirit of this epic story in a way that will thrill longtime fans and bring new fans into the fold.

Guilstein is now available ONLY ON GoComics. uclick’s mobile content is the first of many new Guilstein-themed products planned for release in North America over the coming months from Wowmax Media!.

“We’re thrilled to partner with GoComics, and the release of Guilstein in mobile format before print media is a new type of strategic launch for Japanese comics in North America,” says Wowmax Media! Representative Masaki Kaifu. “This introduction to Guilstein will prep audiences for the animated film and print properties later to come.”

The Guilstein project began with both the manga and animated film in mind, however the film includes new characters and a completely different setting than seen in the manga. Dark and complex storylines, conflicted heroes and stunning visuals, created by writer Naoyuki Sakai and artist Hisao Tamaki, have made the Guilstein franchise a huge success in Japan.?

First views of Guilstein will be available starting July 20th at Comic Con International in San Diego, at the uclick booth (# 1220). Once service is started in August, new chapters will be made available weekly.

For more details, visit mobile.gocomics.com or wowmaxmedia.com.

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About uclick, LLC:

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