Plus an Ohayocon 2008 preview, Wii workouts, reviews & more in episode 57.

GRIMES, IA, January 4, 2008 - Anime producer and mega-online anime retailer Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to welcome Chris Beveridge - the founder and webmaster of Anime On DVD (, - to episode 57 of ANIME TODAY.

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Anime News ServiceAnime News Service, launched in 1998 by Jonah Morgan, is one of the earliest Web sites dedicated to reporting news on Japanese animation and comics that is still operational today.

From what the latest anime creators have been up to, to the latest trends in western distribution, to exclusive interviews with industry professionals, ANS has been serving industry news both from home and abroad.

So what went on behind the scenes at ANS? What is it like being one of the oldest anime news sites on the internet? Read on as we dive into the interesting history of Anime News Service.

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The Brazilian manga and anime blog Papo de Budega has been relaunched at

Los Angeles, CA (November 7, 2007) – Boysenberry Books, the new boys' love imprint from Broccoli Books, has a new website,, launching today. The website will contain constant updates about upcoming boys love titles. Also contained within the site is information on released books and their authors.

"This launch reflects on the popularity of boys' love within the manga industry. After attending Yaoi Con, we have reconfirmed that boys' love is a permanent genre in North America," states Shizuki Yamashita, Director of Operations of Broccoli International and managing editor of Boysenberry Books. "We wanted to create a place so our fans can have an easily accessible way of getting information about our boys' love titles."

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Del Rey Manga has announced the official launch of its blog on Active Anime. Del Rey Manga Blog, which has been completely redesigned, was originally hosted on Active Anime has a temporary SDCC blog:

Active Anime is please to announce the launch of the official blog of Del Rey Manga at Active Anime. Please visit the official blog at Associate Publisher of Del Rey Manga, Dallas Middaugh, has made his first post at the blog, and other associates of Del Rey Manga soon make their own posting.

MangaCast has officially launched MangaCast 2.0, now powered by WordPress. ComiPress caught up with MangaCast's Ed Chavez, who talks about what the new site will offer:

After years of development, MangaCast 2.0 is finally launched! Anything you'd like to say about the new site?

Ed: Took a little longer than I thought it would, but I am really happy to see it live. The LJ was great and will still be around. But our new home is where we really want to show how much manga mania we collectively posses.

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New look for 20th Anniversary, plus expanded sections for anime superstore, Nozomi Entertainment & Anime Today podcast.

GRIMES, IA, October 30, 2007 - Anime producer and distributor Right Stuf, Inc. continues its 20th anniversary celebration with the Web site launch of the "new", featuring expanded sections for its online anime superstore, Nozomi Entertainment production division and Anime Today podcast.

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Rumic World has relaunched its Ranma ½ Perfect Edition website:

After weeks of working, I've relaunched our Ranma site, with a new design in the vein of Tomobiki-cho and the Inuyasha Companion. I hope you enjoy the new look and new information!

Also, David Welsh interviews Dylan Acres, found of the founders of Rumic World. is celebrating its 7th anniversary with a complete relaunch in late November:

The domain,, was registered October 20, 2000. Exactly 7 years ago. Spill out the frosted pocky and guzzle a few of those import-Final Fantasy potion drinks. [...] Looking forward, we have the first major relaunch of theOtaku and myOtaku in four years(!) approaching rapidly (Version Vibrant), with an expected launch date of late November. You can expect a completely new design, new technology, and new features.

Manga publisher Viz Media has launched its official blog, VIZBlog:

There are a lot of itchy fingers around the VIZ Media offices. Wait, that didn't sound right. There are a lot of people around here just itching to write some blog posts. Yeah, that's what I meant. We'll be telling you about manga we are reading – both professionally as well as personally, anime we are watching – again, for money or for fun, games we are playing, our co-workers and their habits, what we ate for breakfast, the contents of our handbags, hell, all kinds of really, er, interesting stuff. We hope you enjoy it!

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