Rumic WorldBackstage returns!

Rumic World is one of the most complete English guide to the works of renowned female manga artist Rumiko Takhashi.

The large fansite consists of 7 series-specific subsites: Tomobiki-cho, Life at Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½ Perfect Edition, The Inuyasha Companion, Mermaid's Flesh, The Ring & The Rosary and Rumic Theater.

Over 10 years old (counting its subsites), Rumic World is one of the oldest site of its kind, and it continues to grow as new works from Rumiko Takahashi are published every week in Japan.

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Anime news and review website Active Anime announced today that it is now compatible with wireless devices:

Active Anime is now PDA / Mobile Phone friendly. Now you can now read our news, reviews and articles with your wireless device while you’re on the go! Image below is what you will see from your wireless device. Image is from a Windows Mobile® Smartphone.

The official website of Otaku USA has been launched at

Tokyopop's Stu Levy has posted a sneak preview of's upcoming 2.0 design:

A few weeks from now we will go live with a 2.0 BETA for all of you to try. The profile section has a really cool design that I couldn't sneak out yet so waddle in anticipation for that one...

Active Anime has released more information on its $500 giveaway event. The grand prize include manga, DVD, as well as a copy of Manga Studio EX Version 3 ($299) from eFrontier. The official rules can be found here.

One other event announced is the Avril Lavign's Make 5 Wishes Giveaway, where copies of Del Rey's Make 5 Wishes signed Avril Lavigne will be given out randomly to Active Anime members.

Also, a new Chat Room Service has been launched on Active Anime.

Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, anime news and review website Active Anime has announced a huge giveaway, the grand prize of which is worth over $500:

ACTIVE ANIME will be giving away prizes starting next week, and an official announcement will be made this coming Friday. The Grand Prize will have a value of over $500. Yes that is a value of over FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS, and the value could just get even bigger! What to do for now? Register and post! That's all for now. Sorry US and Canadian resident only.

English Anime News and Review site ActiveAnime has completely revamped its website. The new site, powered by Joomla, can be found at

Comics Worth Reading's Johanna Draper Carlson has announced a new site called Manga Worth Reading, which will feature manga reviews and news headlines posted on Comics Worth Reading.

U.K. anime and manga news website Anime UK News is currently looking for new website developers. From the post: "Though no formal qualifications are required, it's vital that you have a solid understanding of PHP and MySQL."

Soon after celebrating MangaBlog's 2nd anniversary, Brigid Alverson finds herself featured in Digital Strip's latest comic strip.