Tokyopop: New Website and More

The rumors are true - TOKYOPOP has just relaunched its website!

Check out the NEW, where you can:

- Create a Unique Custom Profile
- Share Your Art, Photos, Manga, Video, Fiction, and more
- Blog and Chat with New Friends
- Interact with Fresh, New Voices in the Manga Revolution
- Read Exclusive Content about the Manga Lifestyle
- Preview Exclusive Manga from TOKYOPOP
- Buy Manga Only Available Online
- Participate in Contests and Cool Promotions
- Win Fabulous Prizes
- Receive Manga Magazine
- Get Discounts on Books

And best of all - €”it's all FREE!

Log on with your Manga Online account...and tell all your friends! And welcome to the next stage of the Manga Revolution!

Please note that this is a Beta site, and we appreciate your patience as we fine-tune all the wonderful features, so let us know if you find any bugs or if you have issues or problems registering. Please email: