From Tokyopop comes an interview with Tachibana Higuchi, mangaka of Gakuen Alice:

When did you start drawing manga? Was your progress fast? Tell us about your career as a manga artist.

I first submitted a manga story a while after I graduated from high school. Up until then I was studying for the entrance examinations for the Art University, and as part of that, I sometimes drew manga and four-panel strip comics for fun.


From the Los Angeles Times comes an article titled "The rise of Japan cool," which looks at various Japan-related topics, and comes with an interview with Tokyopop's Stu Levy:

In contrast, Northridge-born Stuart Levy has no problem selling his products to anyone who will buy them. The chief executive of Tokyopop, Levy has made millions licensing and creating anime and manga books and DVDs for America's new breed of comic hipsters.

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J., LOS ANGELES, and LAS VEGAS – From 2008 International CES and in a manga entertainment industry first, Verizon Wireless and TOKYOPOP announced the TOKYOPOP video channel is now available to Verizon Wireless' V CAST Video customers. Featuring TOKYOPOP manga entertainment, the availability of the TOKYOPOP V CAST Video channel from Verizon Wireless marks the first time manga movies, anime clips and Asian entertainment have been available in one package to mobile customers.

TOKYOPOP on V CAST offers 15 to 20 four- to six-minute videos each week from TOKYOPOP's popular manga entertainment, including manga videos known as imanga, anime clips, and other popular Asian-influenced entertainment. Video from TOKYOPOP on V CAST includes:

ICv2 is reporting that Tokyopop's global manga Undertown by Jim Pascoe (story) and Jake Myler (art) is being turned into a Sunday newspaper strip:

[...] beginning this Sunday January 6th. It will appear in over 50 papers, including the LA Times, Denver Post, Vancouver Sun, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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Blizzplanet is reporting that Tokyopop will be releasing a new Warcraft manga titled Warcraft: Dragons of Outland in March 2009, written by Richard A. Knaak. The manga will be based on stories involving Jorad Mace and Tyri from Blizzard's WoW: Burning Crusade expansion.

Also mentioned is a new Starcraft manga, written by Keith R.A. DeCandido, set for release in August 2008.

Source: ICv2

From the blog Manly Manga and More... comes a list of manga that will be released in Germany in the first half of 2008. Also included in the list is are new titles that Tokyopop Germany has licensed.

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Tokyopop has announced several new manga licenses at this year's NYAF:

  • Kyo Kara Maoh! by Temari Matsumoto
  • Fate/stay night by Nishiwaki Datto
  • Genei Muso by Natsuki Takaya

Also, Bandai Entertainment announced that it has acquired the rights to the Code Geass manga and light novel series.

Source: theOtaku


Translated for the First Time Ever in English, Much-Anticipated Japanese Fashion and Culture Guide Bows on U.S. Shores February 2008

New York Anime Fest, New York (December, 2007)-TOKYOPOP, the leader of the global manga revolution, is thrilled to debut from the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo, the Gothic & Lolita Bible, a quarterly mook (magazine/book hybrid) that is a combination fashion magazine, culture guide, and art book.

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According to MangaBlog, Tokyopop will be shooting a a "mock-umentary" called Van Von Hunter in Maiden Quest (based on the Van Van Hunter manga) at this year's at NYAF:

TOKYOPOP is making movies at New York Anime Fest—on Saturday, December 8, at 10:30 a.m. in Manga Panel Room 1A24, TOKYOPOP will be filming "Van Von Hunter in Maiden Quest," a hilarious mock-umentary based on the three-volume manga series "Van Von Hunter."