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Torrance, Calif. March 7, 2008 - Celebrating the HARUKA: Beyond the Stream of Time – A Tale of the Eight Guardians Premier and Director Aki Tsunaki's attendance, Bandai Visual USA announces the details of HARUKA related events, activities and show exclusives at Sakura-Con 2008.

Director Tsunaki will be present at the HARUKA events starting with the Industry Reception Dinner on Thursday, March 27. Schedules for HARUKA related events are as follows:

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Tokyopop has announced several new manga licenses at this year's NYAF:

  • Kyo Kara Maoh! by Temari Matsumoto
  • Fate/stay night by Nishiwaki Datto
  • Genei Muso by Natsuki Takaya

Also, Bandai Entertainment announced that it has acquired the rights to the Code Geass manga and light novel series.

Source: theOtaku

Leading Toy Manufacturer Will Develop Innovative Product Line To Support Highly Anticipated Anime Series Based On Popular Xbox 360 Video Game

New York, NY - JUNE 19, 2007 – VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry's most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies, announced at the 2007 Licensing International Expo that Bandai America, Incorporated has been named as the toy licensee for products based on BLUE DRAGON™, a highly anticipated new anime series based on the popular Microsoft Xbox 360 Role Playing Game.

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ICv2 reports that famed video game company Namco Bandai Holdings, publisher Kadokawa and animation house Toei have recently completed a series of cross-investments. The deal is seen as a effort to strengthen the relationship among all three content producers.

Source: ANN

More new titles announced at NYCC 07:

Yen Press:
- Spiral - Bonds of Reasoning by Kyou Shirodaira/Eita Mizuno
- Zombie Loan by PEACH-PIT
- Black God by Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park
- Alice in Deadlines by Ihara Shiro

Del Rey:
- Aventura
- Pumpkin Scissors
- Psycho Busters
- Shiki Tsukai

Del Rey also announced a Complete Guide to Manga, a guide book to all the manga released in the U.S.

- Two Flowers of the Dragon by Kusakawa Nari
- Venus in Love by Nakaji Yuuki
- Tears of a Lamb by Hidaka Banri
- King of Cards by Tateno Makoto
- I Hate You More than Anyone by Hidaka Banri

Also, Bandai has announced that it will release its Witchblade manga in June 2007.

- MangaCast

According to ICv2, Top Cow and Bandai Entertainment will be releasing the Witchblade manga in the U.S. next year under two different formats. While Bandai will be releasing the regular black-and-white version (whole volume) of the manga, Top Cow will be releasing a full-color version of the manga in comic format (thin, cheap).

Top Cow will be responsible for the translation, as well as flipping the art and coloring the original black and white material. Regarding the "reformatting," Top Cow said that they have the "the full blessing of the original artist and the original Japanese publisher."

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