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The official site of Mag Garden's Comic Blade Avarus (the magazine that will replace Comic Blade Masamune) has been launched. According to the site, any manga in the current magazine that ends with "to be continued!!" will continue to run in Avarus. The first issue of Comic Blade Avarus will be released on 9/15.

A new bi-monthly seijin manga magazine called Buster Comic (NSFW) from TI Net was launched on 7/24.

The second issue of Take Shobo's seinen magazine, Comic Marble, was released on 7/20. It has been confirmed that the magazine will go on a quarterly release schedule, with the third issue coming out in October 2007.

Also, a new seijin manga magazine from Core Magazine called Comic Hotmilk will debut on 8/27.

Source: Ultimatum Tidbits

The first issue of Take Shobo's new seinen magazine, Comic Marble, was released on April 16th.

According to Manga Jouhou, Japanese internet service provider livedoor and publisher Takeshobo has announced a new award event called "4-Koma Manga Nouvelle Y-1 Grande Prix." The award event is a combination of Takeshobo's "Takeshobo Manga Nouvelle Prize" and livedoor's "Daily 4-koma Grand Prix." According to the report: "Judges for the new award include manga artists and editors from both Takeshobo and Livedoor, including Risu Akitsuki, Mikio Igarashi, Masashi Ueda, Yoshito Usui, Tsuyoshi Oohashi, Shou Tanaka, Miruku Dajima, Katsuhiko Hotta and Takayuki Mizushina."

Clamp in Wonderland EX, a new one-shot from CLAMP, will appear in the 2/1 issue of Take Shobo's manga anthology Kindai Mahjong, on sale December 28th.

Source: CLAMP-Net.com