Dragon KnightsAfter over 10 years of serialization (began in 1990), Mineko Ohkami's fantasy manga Dragon Knights finally came to an end in the June issue of Shinkosha's manga magazine Wings.

A second manga series, Ran Amanogawa's manga Kamiinu X Blood, also ended in the same issue of Wings.

Katsura Hibiki's latest BL novel, Mirage to Shakunetsu no Koi, published by Shinkosha under its Chocolat Novels Hyper label, was found plagiarizing the work of another author. This was pointed out by the author of the plagiarized novel as well as its readers, however, the author has asked to keep the name of the said novel from being released to the public.

As a result, all of Katsura Hibiki's works have beem recalled, and her upcoming releases have been cancelled. Katsura Hibiki said in her apology that she regrets what she has done, and has decided to quit her job as a writer to show her regret.

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