Yaoi Novel from Shinkosha Found Plagiarising Other Work, Author Quits as a Result

Katsura Hibiki's latest BL novel, Mirage to Shakunetsu no Koi, published by Shinkosha under its Chocolat Novels Hyper label, was found plagiarizing the work of another author. This was pointed out by the author of the plagiarized novel as well as its readers, however, the author has asked to keep the name of the said novel from being released to the public.

As a result, all of Katsura Hibiki's works have beem recalled, and her upcoming releases have been cancelled. Katsura Hibiki said in her apology that she regrets what she has done, and has decided to quit her job as a writer to show her regret.

Official notice from Shinkosha:

From the Editorial Team of Chocolat Novels
- October 18th, 2006

Recently we have been notified by our readers and the author of a novel Mirage to Shakunetsu no Koi (Mirage and Burning Love), a novel published in October under our Chocolat Novels Hyper series, has ripped off the novel of the aforementioned author.

Katsura Hibiki, the author of "Mirage to Shakunetsu no Koi" has admitted to the fact that her work ripped off other novels, including the reported one. We are sorry that we didn't notice this in time, and we'd like to apologize to our readers and the people related to this incident. We won't publish information on the novel that was ripped off of due to a request from its author.

Regarding Katsura Hibiki, all of her works will be recalled, and her upcoming work has been cancelled. Katsura Hibiki also won't be attending any events in the upcoming months.

We are taking this incident in a seriously manner, and taking the effort to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, and rebuild our damaged reputation.

We will do our best to create novels that the readers will enjoy. Please keep an eye out for Chocolat Novels from now on.

Apology letter from Katsura Hibiki:

An Apology from Katsura Hibiki

I deeply apologize for my mistake, and to the copyright holder of the novel I have plagiarized from when I wrote Mirage to Shakunetsu no Koi.

I don't know how to make up for my mistake. I seriously regret what I've done, and have decided to stop my career as a writer to show my regret. I hope the copyright holder, related people, and the readers can forgive me for what I’ve done.

Katsura Hibiki