Ohzora Shuppan

Ohzora Shuppan will be launching a new BL novel (light novel) label in September called Citrus Novels (シトラスノベルズ). BL novels to be published under this label include:

Both novels are authored by Ioka Noeru and illustrated by Enoki, and will be released on September 27th. (Note that the obi strip around both novels also mentions the start of the new BL label)

Also, according to Ultimatum Tidbits, Ohzora Shuppans josei manga magazine Bessatsu Harlequin will be relaunched under the title marie.

Houbunsha has released a new magazine on 8/8 titled Kyuukyoku Renai Chocolat, an add-on magazine to Manga Time Special.

Also, Ohzora Shuppan has released a new "teens love" manga magazine magazine on 7/31 titled Koi Mato Dengon (RabuDen).

Ohzora Shuppan has announced a new josei manga magazine. The first issue of the new magazine, titled Romance Tiara, will be released on June 5th, and will be sold for 650 yen.

Aurora Publishing, a U.S. manga publisher founded in March 2006 by Japanese publisher Ohzora Shuppan, has signed a booktrade agreement with Diamond Book Distributors, who will be the distributor of its English-language graphic novels:

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The first issue of SweetPrincess (Cool-B special) will be released on 5/22.