Yaoi Magazine Debuts Triumphantly!

Global fans stampede YaoiMagazine.com to order Vol. 1 Issue 1 of Yaoi Magazine!

York, Penn. - January 18, 2008 The first issue of Yaoi Magazine was made available for purchase on the YaoiMagazine.com website as well as on Amazon.com January 15, 2008. In the first day alone, sales exceeded S. A. Payne's (publisher) original expectation. "In just a few days orders have surpassed our original expectations by over 300%," said Payne. "We knew the market was out there, but I'm shocked to see how many orders are coming in, some for multiple copies! We've had orders placed from four countries outside of the U.S. as well."

The Yaoi Magazine website has had a recent upgrade as well and is now showcasing samples of the variety of items you can find inside the first issue. Yaoi Magazine has certainly realized its goal of packing a magazine full of boy-on-boy goodness. The magazine boasts four pieces of original fiction, two manga, a variety of articles and reviews, art, and a beautiful, full colored centerfold that can be detached for display. There are also a number of ads from prominent members of the global yaoi movement, truly showing this is a magazine for the yaoi community.

"We're already hard at work on the next issue of Yaoi Magazine, due for release April 2008," Payne informs. "We've already lined up a number of features for the second installment, but we are accepting submissions for more."

It was noted that no updates had been received regarding the progress on issue one of Yaoi Magazine, which may have caused concern. In light of the recent withdraw of other English magazines that were to launch in the last year, Payne simply stated "We wanted to create a quality product, and in doing so our focus was on taking our time, doing everything right, and building up the fan base for Yaoi Magazine. We may have been a little low-key, but our goal from the start has been to complete issue one before accepting any purchase orders for the magazine. Now that we're comfortable, we'll be shifting some of our focus to create a swirl in the yaoi community, making sure everyone knows we're here. We’ll be happy to begin accepting pre-orders for issue two in the coming weeks. At this time all purchases will be on an issue by issue basis, until we're certain we can guarantee the product the global yaoi fan deserves if they're buying a full year's subscription. Orders can be made on the site at www.yaoimagazine.com."