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To all our fans and friends, you all know DQ for the yaoi/boys' love manga that we publish. It is our hope that you will also embrace the wonderful manhwa (man-hwa) stories that we will be bringing out this summer. The manhwa titles from DQ will be some of the best stories from some very talented Korean authors.

Without further ado, please read on about the first two series in our manhwa lineup!

Coming This Summer 2006, Twin Releases by Popular Author, Kye Young Chon: AUDITION and DVD

AUDITION 10 volumes - complete.

Ever dream of being in a rock band? Ever dream of being in a GENIUS rock band? Could there be such a thing? For Chul, Dal Bong, Mickey, and Rae-young, it'€™s not a matter of if, but of when.

These four deviant misfits of society find themselves stalked, caught, and coerced into forming the greatest boy band of the century. It doesn'€™t hurt that they have talent, looks, and personality. A female detective, an heiress, a Betsy Johnson-inspired wardrobe, an evil dude, a cute evil dude, and other casts and characters all come together in this brilliant high jinks story of rock 'n roll, friends, and yes, love, that will make you wish you could have been there for the Audition.

Don'€™t miss having for yourself what other fans have been raving about from Korea to Germany!

Volume 01 - Expected Release July 2006

DVD 8 volumes - complete.

A lighthearted comedy about the trials and travails of friendship.

The heroine: Ddam Shim The heroes (maybe): DD and Venu Fate brought these three together through a chance encounter at a department store lingerie department. A double D padded-bra tag with a cell number. Sometimes, you never know what can happen if you make that call.

For Ddam, making that call leads her to a night club dive where DD is the punk rocker DJ and Venu is the decoration. These two have more going for them than Ddam first thought: like how DD waxes poetic about a girl's eyelashes and Venu downplays his good looks by focusing on the importance of big breasts.

Since Ddam has her own idiosyncratic behavior to deal with (she talks to cows, among other things), being with these two unrepentant, semi-uncouth, not-bad-bad boys, could be what she needs to help her get out of her funk and maybe figure out what life'€™s about. Although DD and Venu aren’t the sharpest wits around, there's something about them that makes Ddam want to live.

*This is the fourth title from Ms. Chon and by far some of our staff’s favorite. We hope you will enjoy reading about our punk boys as much as we have!

Volume 01 - Expected Release July 2006

KYE YOUNG CHON was born in 1970 in Korea. She taught herself how to draw manhwa on a computer with skills she obtained while working at an advertising firm. After much effort, the completely computer-generated short story '€˜Talent'€™ won the grand prize at the Second Wink New Artist Contest because of her bold and unique style. She is also the author of The Club, a novel which is currently being adapted for film. Her works have been translated into eight languages. Among her most beloved works is Unplugged Boy, which will be published by DramaQueen in early 2007.

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korean rock band manhwa

I'm working on an illustrated kdrama of my own dealing with a korean rock band...Mine has fart scenes as a recurring plot point.