Dengeki Daioh to be Reborn?

According to Canned Dogs, MediaWorks' Dengeki Daioh maybe relaunched in June:

The June issue of Dengeki Daioh which will be released on the 21st of April contains a mysterious ad depicting a baby feeling up Shana and a message saying that a brand new Dengeki Daioh will be revealed in June.

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Renew whatever magazine you want, but not this one :(

Hopefully they won't end some of the manga that I'm following from Dengeki Daioh >.> or I'll start kicking ass*s :P

I just received the June

I just received the June issue today, and the 'renewal' seems to involve the inclusion of a few new series but definitely no endings/cancellations of current series. (PHEW!! The pruning of GAO! was painful enough)
I guess becoming another one to two hundred pages larger would be considered a 'renewal' type change as well, considering the new series.

I'm under the assumption that just like GAO! did a year and a half back as well as other magazines in general, the outside of the magazine aka logo/design will be revamped.

A change I would LOVE to happen is that the magazine adds hiragana to all the original Daioh series.
Currently, all the GAO! series that were transplanted into Daioh still have hirigana, so, at least in my mind, it would make sense to consolidate things and make the magazine a wee bit more accessible reading-wise for those being shunted over from GAO! to Daioh.

Woah interesting, so it

Woah interesting, so it wasn't a complete make-over like I imagined :(