1st Kodansha Internation Manga Competition Winner Leaked

topThe winner of the 1st Morning Internation Manga Competition (MIMC) was decided in July. While Kodansha has not announced the winner, according to a leaked from Tokyopop, Rem, the artist of Tokyopop's manga Vampire Kisses, has won the competition with her manga Kage no Matsuri. The winner of MIMC will receive $5,000, as well as possibly having their work serialzed in Kodansha's magazine.

According to a flyer from Rem, Kodansha will publish Kage no Matsuri in the October issue of Morning2 magazine. Kage no Matsuri will appear on the cover of the magazine, and will also be getting a full page spread in the magazine.

Rem was the first winner of the TOKYOPOP Rising Stars of Manga Competition with her entry, Devil's Candy (story by Clint Bickham). She is also the artist of Tokyopop's manga adaptation of Vampire Kisses written by Ellen Schrieber. Her website can be found here.

The deadline for the 2nd International Manga Competition is December 31st 2007. For more information check here. Also, PWCW's Kai-Ming Cha has an interview with Eijiro Shimada, the editor-in-chief of Morning2, regarding the competition.

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Is it true, that a new

Is it true, that a new Kodansha competition will be in december?? Can anybody name in?

Yes! the deadline is on 31st

Yes! the deadline is on 31st of Dec ,see this http://e-morning.jp/mimc/

Wow, great!! Then I'd like

Wow, great!! Then I'd like to ask another question, because this wasn't clear for me last time... I'm from Hungary, can I name in, too? Just because I didn't see Hungary on a page where there was a list of some of the countries that can name, I only saw a few europien countries, and Hungary wasn't there... I hope that list wasn't all the countries that can name... Thanks a lot for the help!!

plp from all over the world

plp from all over the world r welcome to join the competition, those countries listed were the language u can use to send ur work. there r all together 10 languages. i hope this will help.Good Luck!