3rd Kodansha Morning International Manga Competition Underway

Kodansha's 3rd Morning International Manga Competition is now accepting submissions. The deadline for the third competition is September 30th, 2008:

Submissions for the 3rd Morning International Manga Competition are now being accepted.

The deadline is September 30th,2008.

Professional artists are also welcome to this competition.

Besides manga, we accept all types of comics, including superhero comics, cartoons, and bandes dessine'es and so on.

The grand prize winner will receive $5,000, as well as having their work featured in Morning or Morning 2.

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are we allow to draw the manga with computer? If so must we prove to them we did it and not print it from someone?

p.s Canada is allowed to join right? I think so, say yes!

Any one can join, IT IS

Any one can join, IT IS INTERNATIONAL!


So everybody can join in the contest? Or is it just that few countrys can entry. Like last commenter i am curious if i can join when i am from Finland. Does anybody have answer for the question?

international-you mean we also filipinos can join?

i live in philippines,and i'm interested about the manga competition....im wondering where i could submit my work here in philippines =?.....


is there a specific age to join?

No age restriction!

No age restriction!


i'd like to ask how do i warrant that my entry is completely original?

do i need to have papers?
or can Kodansha provide forms....
please expound no. 6 rule in the official rules


can children under 18 take part in the manga drawing competion.


I am 17 and draw and authour a manga but im from Canada can i enter??

Thank you

Yeah you can, as long as

Yeah you can, as long as it's in one of the specified languages (like English).

Question again...

I'm from Bulgaria, my question is: can i enter in the competition, in case i'm gonna use English on my papers?

EVERYONE can join, as long

EVERYONE can join, as long as you abide by the ten languages

i suggest that you dont use a good story just for the case that it probrobly will be stolen from you but if its good enough they will probrobly ask you to make more for their magazine, the only thing about that is that you need to ask to look over the contract if you win, because manga artists are notoriously poor most of the time, so you will still need another job

and yes you can enter if you are under 18, the competition is in japan so it doesnt matter what age you are, as for getting a contract and editor. that could be a different story

and yes you can make your manga on the computer, they dont care how you do it, just that there has to be a physical copy and that it get there on time

quetion not awnsered ^^

ahh i have a question ....can you send it by e-mail or do you have to print it and send it??and ahh can you put a pin name ??? like mine has always been nina sakura saotome ^^

so can girls (under 18)

so can girls (under 18) compete for the competition or is it just fro guys who're 17 or older?!
please reply quikly!!

results of the

results of the competition?_O_

When do you think the result

When do you think the result of the 3rd competition will be announced?

Dear reader,

is it possible to email it?