Kodansha Announces International Manga Competition

Update (2007-01-12): Please check the official rules page for the most up-to-date information.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its manga anthology Morning, Kodansha has announced a new International Manga Competition to look for new manga talents from around the world.

The new competition is part of Kodansha's Manga Open compeition, and was announced in the Morning special issue in ten languages. The deadline for the International Manga Competition is May 31st 2007. Below is a translation of the rules and information of the competition:

One title will receive the grand prize, the winner will receive 5,000 dollars, and the winning work will be printed in Morning and published in Japan as a tankobon.

Two runner-ups will receive 2,000 dollars each, for two titles, and their titles will have a chance to be printed in Morning or released online in the webzine E-Morning.

- All manga submitted need to be between 12 to 50 pages.
- The work need to be a previously unpublished title, or have not been printed commercially.
- Manga pieces on any type of paper, using any kind of drawing tools, will be accepted. Both color and black-and-white will be accepted (however, pieces accepted in color may be published in black and white in the ‘Morning’ magazine). For reference, manga in Japan is normally drawn on B4 paper, in black ink, in a 270mm x 180 mm frame.

CD-ROM and other digital media are accepted, but a printed copy must be included. A contestant's native language will accepted as the text, however, the text needs to be written clearly.
*It's not clear whether English/Japanese text is also required.

Please send all work to:

Morning Editorial Department
2-12-21 Otowa

Please include your address, name, telephone number and zip code must be included on the envelope.

Please include your age, occupation, a brief personal history and email address with your manga. All works submitted will not be returned, you will need to make extra copies for yourself.

Kodansha will have the publishing rights to your work for its magazines and on the web, All rights for the top and second prize titles will be held by Kodansha exclusively, and Kodansha is in a position to decide how to use these rights.

You need to guarantee that the work submitted is your own original work, and that the work has not infringed any right of other works. If you don't follow these regulations and as a result Kodansha suffers any losses, you will need to compensate for it.

The deadline is May 31st, 2007. The results will be announced on the E-Morning website on September 2007.

*Kodansha has always hosted manga competitions that are eligible for foreigners, if you have a reliable Japanese translator friend, we recommend you to try it.

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The winners will have a

The winners will have a chance of contract with Kodansha. Kodansha is the experienced publisher to work with foreigner artists who were living outside of Japan. Taiwanese, French, Korean artists had ever published their work by Kodansha.

Can I compete?

I'm not from the countries that mentioned earlier. I'm from a small country in Asia. But my English is very good and I can make my manga in English. And I can try to translate it to Japanesse, but my Japanesse isn't so good, neither my German.

Can I compete?

Thanks for the info.

Yes, Just do it in English.

Yes, Just do it in English.


I have a question... It's better when you translate it in Japanese. But if you don't have the chance tot do this, English is also fine, right?...


Can i write this manga in

Can i write this manga in german?
i can not so good english -_-


>*It's not clear whether English/Japanese text is also required.

this point is important, I will call Kodansha and confilm it, but wait a while
12/30-1/4 is the holiday season in Japan.

Sure now?

Wanna ask, if English language for the text is ok now? Or not confirmed yet? Please mail to me!!!


can i write the manga in german?
i can not so good english -.-

To All Those Who are Interested

To those interested in participating, the information of this competition, found in Morning special issue, was not very clear, the rule was explained in 10 languages:

In Chinese: "清文招用母語、英語 日語書写"
In English: "Text should be in your native language, English or Japanese"

Judging by the way the rule is stated, it seems the text can be either in JP, EN, or your native language. However, we (ComiPress) want to make sure it's 100% clear before confirming it, since we don't want anyone to get disqualified because of our misinformation. ;)

The deadline is May 2007, so there is still time (unless for some reason you can't start drawing without the text all written out in the speech bubbles). As soon as more information becomes available, we'll make a separate announcement. :)

Competition Information

Hello Gumugum,

Thanks for the information. I am very interested in this competition and would like to know where I can view info of the competiton which you found on Morning special issue. I couldn't really find much about this competition on Kodansha's website. If you could send me a copy or tell me the site, I would really appreciate your help! :)Thanks in advance.


The information of the

Information on the competition can be found in the special issue of Morning called Morning2. As soon as we obtain a copy of the competition information, we'll make a news post about it.

As the translator stated, right now it's still holiday season in Japan, when the holiday season is over, more info should become available.

I called

I called Kodansha to ask, 1 Are the texts written in languages except English and Japanese accepted? 2 Can I read the rules of competition on Kodansha's website?
However nobody picked up the phone. :p


I know that Morning magazine is for men from 20-40. So the topic of our doujinshi must be interesting for this group of age and gender?? Or does that not care in this case?

i have a question

can it be in b&w or it has 2 be in colour and B&W?

There was no mention of

There was no mention of color pages, so I'm assuming B&W's fine. Again once available we'll post a scan of the actual magazine article.

Theme of the whole thing

I am sorry but now I would like to know if it should be a dojinshi about a subject that is interesting for men between 20-40?

We don't know, since not

We don't know, since not enough information was provided, Kodansha will be posting more information online as time goes on.


I called Kodansha again.

> Can I write my manga text in German, or other languages?
No problem. Ten main languages are acceptable.

> I need to know more details. Can I see the rules on Kodansha's website?
Kodansha will upload the rules of competition on Kodansha's website.
Wait for some time.

I need a contact person

I want to send the manga and Cd with DHL international transporting company but i need to adress it to a person at Kodansha, how can I get in touch with somebody from there?

I have a question too

How long must be the brief personal history and what should it include?


Are collaborations accepted?

For example one writes the story and another one draws the manga.


All I know thing is just Kodansha's announcement
Dont ask me about things what I don't know, please


Im eager to get started on a manga for this competition. But im just not sure, like, can we do any genre coz im looking along the lines of doing a comedy. If its unkown as of Now, wat sort of manga does Kodansha publish, so then i can know wat sort of genre to do.

Don't ask here

ComiPress is not official site.
See the Koudansha's official site.


should I be older than 18? (I´m not :( )

Check the rules, as

Check the rules, as mentioned before, ComiPress is not the official site, so we can't really give you an answer.


hmm, I would like to enter.

But may I ask, where is the rules page? Thank you.

and on the comp page as given the url above:

it said Kodansha will be requiring CVs, what should you do if you do not have a CV form, can you print it off somewhere?


Not enough details on Mechanical Specs

So the Basic Frame is 180mmx270mm
And the Paper Size is B4?

What about bleeds?
What's the measurement for the bleed borders?

Also, what do they mean with this:

Please ensure that you include your name, address, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and CV with your entry.

I mean do we type it on a separate sheet?
Or do we include them on every page?

And do we print front and back?
Or do we print one page for each paper?
And final paper (the one to be submitted) is B4 right?

As for your profile, just

As for your profile, just type it on a separated sheet.

About the paper, actually it

About the paper, actually it seems any kind of paper is okay:

Manga pieces on any type of paper, using any kind of drawing tools, will be accepted. Both color and black-and-white will be accepted (however, pieces accepted in color may be published in black and white in the ‘Morning’ magazine). For reference, manga in Japan is normally drawn on B4 paper, in black ink, in a 270mm x 180 mm frame.

*Have corrected the article to reflect the changes.

What about the bleed lines'

What about the bleed lines' measurements?

Keep the netiquette.

Keep the netiquette. ComiPress is not official site, so we cannot give you the clear answer.
All rules are written on Koudansha's official site.

questions and tec

about the bleed, there are nothing stated. If you try to extend your drawing section to about 3-5 cm from the actual page size, then it might work. As the final page will be cut at 180 and 270 so no worries.

And about Kodansha as a publishing company, what are their main target audienecs?

A manuscript paper for manga

A manuscript paper for manga which is available in Japan has the printed bleed line called "tachikiri waku(断ち切りワク)".
Source: http://mangakakouze.com/tukaikata.htm

But this competition allows any kind of paper, so I think you don't need to mind about that.

>As the final page will be cut at 180 and 270 so no worries.
What do you mean? I think you've misunderstood.

>what are their main target audiences?
The competition is presented by Weekly Morning, and the winning manga will be featured in Morning. You must draw manga centered on readers of Morning, grown-ups in Japan.

Finally, about rules, please refer this site.
The site explains how to apply for the competition.


can you join the competition if you live in the UK and eire?

If not, can I use my other address in china? Is it allowed?

It's an international

It's an international competition, so it's okay if you live in the U.K.

original or not?

Good evening...I'm writing from Naples^^ I would know if we have to send the original plates. It's possible to send only photocopy? It's important for me if you could send me an answer! Sonia

Make a copy

You could try making a copy and keep the copy yourself.

I'm afraid

Can I keep the original manga myself? Otherwise I would want to make a copyright..if it's possible.
Thank you.

Page and ink

Must we use B4 and ink?
And will we draw two of face on a sheet or every pages will be on different sheets?

re: Page and ink

I think they answered the question about the paper format already. You can use any paper size you want, but just for reference, Japanese artists use B4 for their mangas. And about drawing on paper back-to-back, I really wouldn't recommend it, especially if you're gonna use inks. Inking doesn't seem to be a rule, but since they are gonna publish the whole work in black and white, it might be more elegant to use jet-black outlines.

Is collaboration acceptable?

Does anybody know? I've been asking myself whether I should enter alone or with someone. I think I would do it much better with someone but I'm afraid that they might disqualify us for that.

i think i understood

i think i understood everything now.. except the topic of the manga.
how would a teenage girl know what to draw for 20-40 yrs aged men?
or can one draw what they want but if the topic doesnt fit they just dont have a chance?


Hello, I'd like to ask that is it alright if I'm not english? I speak quite good english, well, my spelling is'nt always correct but that could be solved with a dictionary... I live in Hungary, is it possible for me to join the competition from here? I really hope so!!!!!!


Do I have to make a manga what's interesting for the age between 20 and 40, and for men?!?!
Please say no... Cause that sounds a bit impossible for me... T.T And do I have to be older then 18? I hope not... ^^"

my question

I have another question: Kodansha can do whatever he wants to do with the mangas we send in for the competition? Cause that sounds weird... So if he wants to, he can say that somebody else wrote the manga we send in, or what? It's not too clear for me... And do we have to write for men between age 20-40? In that case, I don't have any chance to win...


>>Kodansha will have the publishing rights to your work for its magazines and on the web, All rights for the top and second prize titles will be held by Kodansha exclusively, and Kodansha is in a position to decide how to use these rights.<<
Sorry, but I'm not english and I don't really understand this. Can you please tell me what this actually means?
And this part:
>>If you don't follow these regulations and as a result Kodansha suffers any losses, you will need to compensate for it.<<
It's not like if I'd want to copy somebody else's story or something, but does this mean I'd have to pay if it happens?
And I'd also leke to ask that how am I supposed to send my manga... I mean, can I scan it in and send it in email, or do I have to send my original drawings, or it's enough to send a copy...?

- The manga can be in any

- The manga can be in any language specified on Kodansha's award page.

- Since the competition is for the Morning magazine, one would assume the target audience is for readers of Morning.

- Once you send your work in, its rights belongs to Kodansha, meaning if you changed your mind and wants Kodansha to not publish your work, it's up to them to decide what to do.

- I think they want you to send it through regular mail.


Hello! I'd also like to know, that do I need to be older then 18 to join this competition?

How long?

Is it a singal episode or more???


I think they want a one-shot, which is about the same length as a manga chapter from a monthly magazine.


Can I send only floppy disk + photocopies?

frames for other sizes than b4

i would draw on b4 if it was that easy 2 get b4 in germany but i guess i have 2 draw on din a4. can u tell me what size the frame has to be when i use din a4

Is Brazil on?

My country is not indicated in their Contest site. May I send the Manga Comics?

Yes, anyone can send their

Yes, anyone can send their work, as long as its in a language specified.

frames for other formats than b4

they say u can choose other paper formats than b4 but not what the frame 4 these should b and please don't show me a page that is written in japanese now cuz i don't speak any japanese. in germany it's really hard 2 get the format b4. at least in my area... so i guess i'll have 2 use din a4 but i don't know what frame din a4 has to have. or is the main thing 180x270?

If you don't understand

If you don't understand Japanese...the rules are written in other languages as well...



Ahhhhh!!! i just knew about this today!!!! only five days left..what am i gonna do?!! i really really really hope i can send my work!! is possible to finish 12 pages in 5 days but my story needs atleast 30 pages to complete..-_-. my question is is there any other manga competition for foreigners like this one? where i can write in english? Thank you!


can u pls give me the email of kodansha? Thank you!!

Found on Kodansha's

Found on Kodansha's website:


Late Deadline


I am pretty late with the deadline. Would you still be accepting any entries on 1st of June? (please.)

Or can I submit my work via email? If so, can I have the email address?

Much appreciated.

This is not Kodansha's site,

This is not Kodansha's site, so I doubt you'll have any luck asking that kind of question here. Try Kodansha instead...


Hi is ther any way I can submit my work via email, because the parcel might not get delivered until a day or two after the deadline.



this is what i saw on kodansha's webste :- "Deadline - last acceptable postmark / backstamp on or before: 31st May 2007"

does it mean that nomatter when it arrives as long as i send it on or before 31st then is fine?
Thank you!

Yes, if you postmark it

Yes, if you postmark it before the deadline, it's okay.


i don't know what to do.. i have sent my manga to kondansha few days ago but it was sent back to me today..what should i do? if i resent it the postmark will be of june i might got disqualified .. pls help asap!! Thank you!!

Perhaps you could send it

Perhaps you could send it again and include proof that you actually had your original letter postmarked by the due date...or wait for another competition, then you would have your submission all ready to go!


Thx for the advise.. i think I'll need to call kodansha and see if they'll accept it..i really don't want them to trash my manga without seeing it..but there r so many phone numbers on their site that i don't know which 1 to call. pls let me know if u know the tele for IMC inquiries thank you!

Hello Lia, I'm ceena. I'm

Hello Lia,

I'm ceena. I'm working for Kodansha's International Manga Competition.
Please send your manga to Kodansha as soon as possible, enclosing the original postmark. We'll accept your work as a submission if it encloses the postmark by the due date.

Thank you for your interest in our competition. We're looking forward to reading your work!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very very much for the reply Ceena. but is too late now my mom didn't knew about this she thought it was useless and trashed it .. at that time i didn't knew it will be so useful i should have kept it properly is all my fault but nothing can be done now...i knew about the competition on 28th of May i thought it was too late but my sister encouraged me to draw so i tried my hardest to finish all 12 pages of manga in 3 days it was really not so easy coz my sis can't even tone it for me and i did all the work by myself..but it worth .. i still think of sending it to Kodansha but don't know what'll happen to my work if is not accepted..i really don't know what to do about it now...and Thanks again for ur reply.

Hi ! Ceena

And i'd like to know is there anyway to contact Kodansha international? i would really want to know if anything could be done..Thank you very very much!

my email: tenjoutena@hotmail.com

Hi, i just want to ask you

Hi, i just want to ask you a few question can you answer me in my hotmail please. Since you work at e-morning i want to ask a few question like how do i print my work do i print it and make it like a book or else? And how do i write the address? please answer me thank you!


DARN I AM TOO LATE !!! 2008!!! noooooooooooooooooooo

2009 Competition?

Will Kodansha consider hosting a 2009 International Competition?

can you submit more than one

can you submit more than one work