Kodansha International Manga Competition Update

topInformation on the previously reported Kodansha International Manga Competition is now available on Kodansha's official website:


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its manga anthology Morning, Kodansha has announced a new International Manga Competition to look for new manga talents from around the world.

the rules are available in 8 languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Swedish, and Thai.

Also, Kodansha has replied to ComiPress regarding a few frequently asked questions:

Can my manga's text be written in German, or another language?

Kodansha: No problem. Ten main languages are acceptable.

I would like to have more details. Can I access the rules on Kodansha's website?

Kodansha: We will upload the rules of the competition on Kodansha's website.
Wait for some time.
*The rules can now be found on Kodansha's website.

For those who would like to see a scan of the competition page from Morning 2 (the magazine that carried the announcement), see below:

Caution: Large Image Alert!


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should I be older than 18?? ( I´m not :( )

Kodansha contact info?

I still have questions regarding the competition, and I can't read Japanese webpages very well, and there is no apparent contact info on the rules page. Can you provide us with an email address or ask them to post this info?

Is teamwork allowed?

The rules are not giving any information whether teamwork is allowed or not. I would be grateful for any answer. ;)

Team work is allowed.

Team work is allowed. Remember, if they don't state that team work isn't allowed then more than likely it's allowed.

Contact Kodansha

We know as much as everyone else do. You can contact Kodansha at this number: +81 03(3945)9155, or try to find their email for this particular event.

Can i work with another

Can i work with another person in group for one manga?

I have one question

If I live in Poland, can I take part of this contest?

Yes you can

Yes you can, as long as you submit your work in one of the accepted languages.

what subject about manga.???:S

hı everybody.ı live in turkey.ı researched but ı cant find anytihng.
ı'm older 18.anddddd what is this manga subject?? ıt is minimum 12 pages.okey.alright but is this cartoon?what do ı draw which style???:S

please write me the shortest time...

I think you can choose your

I think you can choose your own subject, but since Morning is a seinen magazine, the subject should probably center around seinen-related ideas. As for style, I'm pretty sure there are restrictions...

Actually, there are no

Actually, there are no restriction to style or subjects. I have recently reviewed an interview with the editors and they said that they don't want stories just for older people. TRY MAKING WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO SEE!

Here's what they want your manga to say to them when they finish or begin reading it:
"Take it or leave it!"

The winners

I hope the september is a good mounth for we! *___* i send my works in the day of 29 May! You Think is regular? (or i'm out of contest?) X°(

As long as it's postmarked

As long as it's postmarked by the deadline, you're okay. I'm sure a lot of other people sent it in at the last moment as well.


Do you accept manga pages that were improved by Adobe Photoshop? What would happen if an American like me made a manga and it got soooooo popular (kinda like Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass or Suzumiya Haruhi)? Would it be possible if those manga were to become anime (just asking)?

Possiblitly, but this is

Possiblitly, but this is really the decisions of the company which is publishing your story and if animation company seeks you out. Good luck with it.

Questions (continued)

Oh! I forgot something! Ummm...if you don't mind, would it be possible for certain mangas to be published in more than three volumes? Like like 7, 8, 10, 12, 20 or 25 or something like that? Would it be possible for american-made manga to be made into an anime if they're like reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally popular? I'm just asking. Sorry to trouble you.

About the Photoshop thing,

About the Photoshop thing, as long as you made the manga yourself, meaning you didn't copy it from someone else, then it's okay. I'm sure many artists today (and artists who enter manga competitions) use tools like Photoshop to enhance their artwork in one way or another, heck, e-frontier even sells Manga Studios, a photoshop-like tool that's aimed at manga creation, and some OEL Tokyopop aritsts uses the software to make their comics.

As for becoming so popular that it becomes an anime/cartoon/movie/etc. I'm sure it's possible, of course it has to be POPULAR, and I doubt something like that is going to happen anytime soon with most OEL artists you see today, but who knows what's going to happen in 10 years? Maybe today's Dramacon and whatnot will be tomorrow's X-Men and Spiderman.

As for the number of volumes, I don't think there ever was a limit to the number of volumes you can make, although most contests have a max/min page limit, if that's what you were thinking.

Oh. Okay. Thanks for the

Oh. Okay. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering. I've been influenced by my passion for anime and manga and some of the animes I like are soooo good so if any of my titles (which I haven't drawn yet, but have written. They're on my FictionPress account) were to be a professional anime (by companies like Satelight, Studio Deen, or maybe even Kyoto Animation), I'd be sooo happy. Sorry if I'm troubling you like this. Oh! If you would like to see my current stories in written format, here's my FictionPress account. Of course, they aren't very good (well, to me anyway). I'm busy working on TCR.


how many works?

can i send two diferent works?, or it should be only one for person?????

One work per person

Only one work per person...just imagine if you can send in multiple works...established artists would just send in everything they've done in the past.

Of course, there will probably be multiple competitions throughout the years, so you can always wait a few months and send again. :)

A chapter?

Ok,the work has to be 12-50 pages long.So,we send just one chapter or what?
please answer me,this is the first time I enter such competition.

i forgot to ask, I`m from

i forgot to ask, I`m from Croatia,can i participate in the competition?

Ok,again me,the last are

Ok,again me,the last are from me too,
thas it have to be B5 or can I draw on any other format.

Some doubts

Hi, I have some douts regarding this manga competition.

First of all do you have be 18+ years old to enter?

Second can you send a manga made by a group of people not by one person only?

And finally,in the amount of the pages are includ the cover and the backcover?

thanks in aticipation!

To answer all (most) of the

To answer all (most) of the questions above:

I don't see an age limit in the rules, so you don't have to be 18. As for number of pages, the limit is the specified # of pages, that would include covers and anything you'd like to include as part of the submission.

Anyone can enter as long as you submit it in one of the specified language, you can submit the work as a group or team or whatever, as long as you only submit one work. The paper size should be specified in the rules as well.


Thanks for the information, you've been of great help ^_^

But I have another question, since the page limit is only 50 pages, is it possible to only send a chapter of the manga? or you really have to make a short 50 pages manga?

As long as it's within the

As long as it's within the page limits, anything should be fine.

appart from the mnga can we

appart from the mnga can we sent some pictures we draw?

Err it's called a MANGA

Err it's called a MANGA Competition for a reason...

I ask about the genre

UH,u see,is it okay if my work's genre is SHOUNEN AI?does it have any limitation about the genre?and...if i send it in a CD,i can put my work in any size ?

Considering it's the Morning

Considering it's the Morning Manga Competition, the work will likely have to be appropriate for Morning, namely seinen (which really covers a lot of topics).


Yaah,i haven't read seinen manga (i guess),so i'm really not sure about which topic are accepted.
PLz anwser me cleary,is shounen ai manga accepted? (with a little bit about war) I want to make sure only that.

Seinen is not Shounen Ai, so

Seinen is not Shounen Ai, so no. Read this for an understanding of what seinen is.


Hello, I have a question that I need to know the answer before I submitted my manga, Is it ok if the story contain some Christianity related history, off course all the character will only be a fiction one. I'm looking forward for your reply, Thank you.


if the manga becomes relatively popular can we work with you so that we can make more chapters,volumes, etc

and if yes will that work out if it's been submitted from oversees(Canada)

Is the entry should be read right to left?

Is the entry should be read right to left? Or I can submit an entry that can read left to right?
The SFX should be done in Japanese? Or any language on the list is okay?

Looking forward to ur answer,
Thank you.


I live in India and am less than 18 years of age, will this cause a problem?...can i enter this competition?!!!?
please if you know,reply!

i really dont know why u

i really dont know why u guys didnt read the comments above, and then asked the SAME question again?


May i know what is the meaning of originality which i saw in the review of certain comics in 2nd Kodansha Inernational Manga Competition?

Looking forward for ur answer.


Will it be accepted?!

Hi there, I've just returned from the post office and I'm a bit worried. Thing is I finally sent my entry, today is the 28th. But I didn't do the whole express/air mail/ladida thing, I sent it the normal, slow way (I couldn't afford the former). I asked the man working there if there will be any "date" on it to prove that it has been sent today, he said he wasn't certain, and that maybe there wont be one, but he was sure that they brand packages sent via express.

So I just wrote today's date on the envelope and sent it, not sure how to feel about that.

I'm 17 and it's my first time posting anything, can someone tell me if there will be an officially branded date on my entry? ;_;

can i

i dont want to enter the competition,but can i sent my work and posted to kodansa

becomiing one of them ! (mangaka!)

i want to publish my own manga and im still at a small age! people tell me that i already draw like an expert, but still!!!!!! i want to become on fast and prove to my manga-ka rival that i can accomplish my dream! people tell me to go for my dream so i am!!!!!!!!!!!

Can i enter a compettion?!

please send me the due date!!!!!!!!



Its an Awsome forum site. They got music and everything and even a chat box to chat right away!! its awsome! Dude they need members so it think someone should check it out. Just register its easy!! its better than Comi trust me.

about the manga competition

i wanted to know whether i could submit my comic by email

help please!

Okay, i read the rules and stuff, but i did not verify if the manga should END within the 50 or less pages. Like, what if you hit the 50 page mark and your story ist over yet?

ALso, what if you do win 1st or 2nd, how do yu meet with the editors?

And lastly,when you send your manga, does it have to be back and forth on every page?

I appreciate your help!

question please 10/14/09

Hi, Can i send my manga work in e-mail way?If I can, can you give me the eimail so that i can send directly to theme. thnak you!