Fans Petition to Send Huner X Hunter Revival Request to Shonen Jump's Editor-in-Chief

Letters to the Chairman is a service which delivers constructive requests to corporate chairmen in users' stead. If supporters of the request increase, action is taken by letter or by phone. Among the "letters" posted is one written to "The Editor-in-Chief of Shonen Jump", requesting the revival of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter.

The Hunter X Hunter request for the Editor-in Chief of Shonen Jump stands out among a huge list of request-letters directed at restaurants and convenience stores. The HxH letter reads:

I buy Shonen Jump every week, but Hunter X Hunter still hasn't come back. Death Note has just ended, too; don't you think it's time to bring Hunter X Hunter back?

About the "Letters to the Chairman" service. Users' requests are delivered to companies:

  • If supporters of a listed request reach 20, a letter is sent.
  • if the numbers pass 50, a phone call is made.
  • If the number of names passes 100, and a report is sent out.

The HxH request was posted on July 5th, and current it doesn't seem to have gathered many supporters.

Source: New Akiba

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I always look forward to

I always look forward to Comipress posting the newest update in the Hunter X Hunter saga. Togashi must be the laziest guy ever.

Lazy indeed! Though I doubt

Lazy indeed! Though I doubt a letter to the editors will help...if the editorial department had any considerable influence on Togashi, the manga would have returned a long time ago.

Over 400 supporters

Well, it seems as of 8/6, there are over 400 supporters! Now we can only pray that something good will come out of this...

not all people got this information, im ready to BUy all EPISODE

any high officers reading the message on this sites. not all fans got this message, i bet if they hear from it they will send message and you will got millions of senders. Togashi or Chairman please put Hunter x HUnter back on screen. if u sell it i will buy the remaining episode. after GI FINAL. just tell me the price.

message me mixter2118 YC


help save HunterXHunter

Hi to all am from Serbia am a big fan of HunterXHunter because it has the best ever story and characters y don't now way did they shut down there bigest anime-manga ever?
And can someone give me a link for a petition for continuing the anime. Thanks