The Reason Behind Comic Bom Bom's Suspension? Mangaka Speaks Out

topAfter Kodansha announced that Comic Bom Bom (also known as Comic Bon Bon) will be suspended at the end of this year. Mangaka and animator Gen Sato, who was closely involved with Comic Bom Bom, has posted on his blog what he believes to be the reason behind Comic Bom Bom's suspension.

Sato mentions that he wasn't surprised to see what happened with Bom Bom. Having been with Comic Bom Bom for over 20 years, Sato warned Bom Bom's editorial department multiple times that the magazine would go under if the magazine only published manga according to its like and dislikes, and did not look objectively at works that readers enjoy. However, his advice was ignored.

According to Sato: "I don't know the policy of the current editorial team, however..." Sato goes on to write about his experiences, "The editorial team rarely accept new plans and ideas that I suggested -- ideas that became very successful in other magazines. The editorial team decided to run the titles according to their preference, so losing the support from readers is just an inevitable consequence." As a result, many popular projects went to other magazines instead. Despite Sato's many attempts at bringing in new projects for the magazine (even if it meant taking a 50% pay cut on his part), in the end, the editorial department brushed him off, and as a result he was picked up by Gundam Historica instead (and he enjoyed his job there).