Comic Bon Bon to Cease Publication, New Shonen Magazine Debuts Next Spring

Kodansha has officially announced that Comic Bon Bon (also known as Comic BomBom) will cease publication with its December issue, which goes on sale 11/15.

Also, a new monthly manga magazine aimed at junior high students, titled Monthly Shonen Rival, will debut next spring.

Ultimatum Tidbits also points out that Get Backers artist Rando Ayamine mentioned in his blog about "Preparing a serialization for a new manga magazine from Kodansha next April."

Source: Jiji Tsushin

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Shounen Harem :P

I wonder when a publisher will start a manga magazine called Shounen Harem (LOL) though I don't think this is a bad idea, a manga magazine concentrating on shounen harem/romance manga (many otaku will probably like the magazine, I think ^^;)