U.S. Publishers Attend International Manga Conference in Kyoto

The 7th International Manga Conference held by the Japan Society for Cartoon and Comics Studies will take place in Kyoto on June 16th and 17th at Kyoto Seika University and the Kyoto International Manga Museum respectively.

Guests from the U.S. include Matt Thorn, Viz Media Executive Vice President Hyoe Narita and Tokyopop General Manager Masashi Matsuhashi.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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Not exactly a "Guest from the U.S."...

...considering the conference is being held in Kyoto, where I've lived for ten years, is sponsored in part by the university I work at, and is being held in the museum I kind of helped create. (^_^)

But thanks for the plug! The first half was held today (Saturday) at Kyoto Seika University, and the second half (in which Mr. Narita, Mr. Matsushita, and I will be participating in a panel discussion on manga in the U.S.) will be held at the Kyoto International Manga Museum tomorrow (Sunday). So any otaku who happen to find themselves in Kyoto this weekend should drop by! (Of course, the whole thing will be in Japanese...)

Of course!

Haha of course you're not a guest! Hope you had a great time at the conference. :)